A Study on Turism of Bangladesh

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Research Pages: 23 (7119 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Generalities of the study:
Tourism is one of the initiators of people's movement, a facilitator for exchange of knowledge, a provider of pleasure, a way to enjoy leisure, and a means to enrich culture. There was a time when only the elite classes had the time and money to enjoy travelling. Especially before fifties of the twentieth century, travel was the privilege of a few rich, affluent, and perhaps adventurous people. Things have since changed much. "Today, the rise in the standard of living of people in several developed and developing countries along with the fast technological revolution in transport industry has brought overseas holiday within the reach of middle and even working class. Besides, the emergence of cheap holiday through non-scheduled carriers has brought about a major revolution in the concept of holiday package. (Naik, 1977)". Thus, the concept of tourism has now acquired a wider significance among the mass people.

Introduction of the study:
The objectives of the study have emerged from the research problems identified earlier. The main thrust of this study has concentrated on the issues relevant to the development of tourism industry in Bangladesh. However, the details of the objectives of this study are summarizing the nature and categories of tourist attractions in Bangladesh, presenting the tourist facilities available in the country, evaluating the role of some tourism organizations operating in the country, measuring the performance of world tourism sector as well as the performance of Bangladesh tourism industry, measuring the satisfaction of visiting tourists on of different tourism services available in Bangladesh, identifying the constraints to the development of tourism and prescribe necessary suggestions for reforms and improvements of the tourism industry in Bangladesh and forecasting and highlight the potentials of tourism development in the country.

People are prone to fun and enjoyment. Being curious, they always want to get the flavour of unseen and unknown for pleasure. Their inherent attraction for the enjoyment of natural beauty and diverse civilization motivate them to discoveries and inventions through extensive travelling. They also intend to gather new experience from new things and new places, get lasting pleasure, and know different unknown cultures through visiting destinations. Besides, tourism is a leisure activity to relief oneself from the stress of daily routine-life. People get depressed of their monotonous workloads and want to escape from the pressures of work-deadlines, avoid crowd city life, break traditional daily life, and thus enjoy some time in a new place having natural and cultural significance. A new place can relieve the monotony of one's existence and -fijl one mind with joy (Haq 2001). For this a large number of people is now moving from one place to another, from one country to other countries, from one end of the world to another, and may be in future, from one planet to other ones (Hossain, 1999). Thus tourism and the resultant movement of people are booming globally.

Today, the tourism industry is recognized as the single largest industry in the world. As such tourism has become the largest trade sector in the world and this sector has been recognized as a major thrust area of economic and business activities in most of the destination countries. It has shown a tremendous growth during the past four decades. For most of the destination countries, tourism has become an emerging sector. They are now earning larger portion of their national income from tourism. For this, many destination countries have developed necessary tourism-infrastructure and arranged necessary facilities to fed the tourists and thus reap the potential benefit from tourism activities. Their utmost efforts are yet on to attract increased number of tourists.

The impact of modern technology and the resultant introduction of speedy and comparatively cheap air transport...
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