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A Study on the Working Environment in Relevance with the Job Sati...

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A Study on the Working Environment in Relevance with the Job Satisfaction of the Employees

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1.1 General Introduction

One of the important duties of the modern manager is to get things done through people. He has to bring employees into contact with the organization in such a way that the objectives of both groups are achieved. He must be interested in the people, the work, and the achievement of assigned objectives. To be effective, he must balance his concerns for people and work. In other words, he must know how to utilize human as well as non-human resources while translating goals into action. It is in managing human assets that the manager’s capabilities are tested fully, because:

1. Human resources are heterogeneous. They consist of many different individuals, each of whom has a unique personality, a combination of different emotional responses to different stimuli, and different values, attitudes, motives and modes of thought. 2. Human beings behave in widely differing and complicated ways. Their reactions to promises, praise, or criticism, for example, can especially in an organization where they work in groups. Their behavior is neither consistent nor readily predictable. 3. Modern employees are better educated, posses greater skills, have more sophisticated technology available for their use, and enjoy higher standards of living than previous generations. 4. A human being himself determines what he contributes. If he is motivated, he will work for an organization more efficiently and more effectively. So, it must recognize by the manager that individuals, not organizations create excellence. Recognizing the importance of the human element in the production process, P.F. Drucker had remarked that ‘man, of all the resources available to man, can grow and develop’. The problem of establishing the right climate to maximize employee motivation and commitment is still with us.

The most significant resource of any...

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