A Study on the Most Preferred Learning Style Among Semester Six (6) Students of Diploma in Public Administration in Uitm Kedah

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Chapter 1

1. Introduction
Learning is a universal and essential human activity over the world. Learning involves the totality of human activities such as feeling, reflecting, thinking, and doing something which they curious to identify. Individuals are developed diverse way of learning styles in order to cope with different subjects arise in their field of study. The approach student’s use in their study has a significant impact on both the quality of the learning and their academic success. It would clearly be of value to identify students approach to learning styles that predict to unsatisfactory performance if they unable to choose the best way of learning approach.

Learning style can be defined as a process of obtaining knowledge or skills where as, style can be defined as a way or technique of doing thing by an individual. Learning style can be defined as a way, strategies or technique preferred by students in the process of obtaining the knowledge or skills. In the contact of the present study learning style refer to the model of learning propose by Honey and Mumford (1992). According to Honey and Mumford (1992), learning has taken place when either or both of the following situations apply where an individual knows something not previously known, and can show it as well as an individual is able to do something he or she was previously unable to do.

Learning styles are diverse ways that a person can learn. It's commonly believed that most people favor some particular method of interacting with, taking in, and processing stimuli or information. It is also facilitates students to contribute using their own preferred learning style in order to cope with fear of failure in their performance. The key elements that can avoid fear of failure among students by understanding of learning style preference which has impact on the individual’s performance and academic achievement

Learning style also plays important role in order to ensure that students can get good or bad result in their exam as well as overall study. In addition, fear of failure is believed to be a learned behavior that has the opposite effects on behavior as the need for achievement. Usually, people diverse in a way they prefer to learn, thus they adopt different learning style. They are numerous model of learning style model; however we have identified four types of learning style which are Active Experimentation, Reflective Observation, Abstract Conceptualization and Concrete Experience. So, by understanding these types of learning styles which they most preferable, it will encourage students to be more effective and efficient in their study. Thus, they can achieve better performance in their future. This research is undertaken to identify the learning style which the most preferred among semester six students Diploma in Public Administration students of UiTM Kedah and how the learning styles is so important to prevent fear of failure in their performance. Thus, it can ensure that the students can easily manage their study with the learning style which they are familiarized in order to attain achievement in the study field.

1. Statement of Problem

The performance of the students is changes from time to time either to result good performance, or bad performance. This phenomenon requires us to make an investigation in order to identify which learning style is the most preferred by semester six (6) students of Diploma in Public Administration.

2. Research Objectives

i) To analyze the most preferred learning style among students. ii) To identify the relationship between the most preferred learning style and fear of failure among students.

3. Key Term Concept

1. Fear of Failure

According to Terry Bragg, fear of failure is one of the greatest fears people have. Fear of failure is closely related to fear of criticism and fear of rejection. Successful people...
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