A Study on the Impact of the Challenges Faced by Hyundai Motors in Indian and Global Market and Their Response to the Challenges

Topics: Globalization, Multinational corporation, International trade Pages: 5 (1742 words) Published: August 13, 2012
“In Hong Kong, a German businessperson is driving a Lexus; he’s wearing Bruno Magli shoes, Irish cashmere socks, Calvin Klein underwear, and an Armani suit, with a Gucci belt. He has a Mont Blanc pen, in his Italian shirt. He’s going to meet an American investor at a KFC restaurant, for a Coke. After lunch, they stop for a Baskins-Robbins (actually a foreign firm) ice cream sundae. --- OK, that’s a stretch. When he gets home, sitting on an ottoman, he has an Absolut vodka nightcap, while listening to American country western music.” This has become the normal lifestyle of an individual in the globalized era. This may sound very simple and usual to a normal man but for creating this environment lot of companies has taken many risks, faced n number of challenges and have created strategies to overcome those challenges. Only a few companies are able to sustain and develop further in this global environment. This study is to find the challenges faced by the companies in this globally developed world and also the study concludes by finding out the strategies followed by the companies to maintain their standards in this market. The author is paying more attention to Hyundai Motors based in India as the author is from India and has many friends and relatives working in that particular organization. This has enabled him to collect and gather the information from the employees working in Hyundai Motors. The beginning of Economic Globalization in 1980’s immense wealth has been created world over. This growth has helped many countries in their development. Still there were many who faced a dip in their growth rates. Many companies also started to explore different world markets to widely spread their business. Many Multi nationals created immense GDP for their own countries. But still there were many setbacks which arose due to this and still existing. Notably India had and is still facing problems due to this. India still is in developing stage because many of our skilled workers are wasted. They work with foreign companies based here. Yes there are notable changes happening but still the growth rate is very slow in India due to this problem. Since the author is from India he has decided to study the effects caused by Economic Globalization in India. 1.1 RESEARCH AIM:

The main aim of this study is to find the impact of Economic Globalization in Hyundai Motors. This study focuses more on the challenges faced by Foreign Investors in India (Hyundai Motors India) and the challenges faced by the companies in the global market. The study concludes by analyzing the strategies adapted by Hyundai Motors to sustain in the Indian and global markets. Since the author has chosen Hyundai Motors India the study also covers the FDI policies and recent FDI status in India. 1.2 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES:

To find challenges faced by foreign investors in India.
To find challenges faced by the companies in global market. •To find Hyundai Motors response to challenges in Indian and Global automobile sector. •To analyze the impact of Economic Globalization in Hyundai Motors located in India. •To conclude the investigation by finding out strategies used by Hyundai Motors to sustain in the global market. 1.3 SCOPE OF THE RESEARCH:

The outcome of this study will help countries understand the impact Economic Globalization in Multinational Companies like Hyundai Motors. The challenges faced by foreign investors in India and the challenges faced by organizations in the Global Market is taken for study and their response to those changes has are analyzed. This study will be helpful for companies that are planning to start a new venture in the global market. There is very less studies have been conducted earlier in this topic thus this will be a real useful bit resource for all organizations in the future. Also, this study will benefit people who are planning to work on the Global Market. 1.4 RATIONALE OF THE...
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