A Study on the Employee Welfare Measures Ai Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Herbal Concentratesltd

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Welfare is a comprehensive term refers to the physical moral, mental and emotional well being of an individual. Labour welfare is an extension of the term welfare and its application to labour . The concept of labour welfare has received inspiration from the concept of democracy and welfare state. The importance of labour welfare measures was recognized as early as on 1931 when the royal commission on labour had come in to existence. The purpose of providing welfare amenities is to bring about the development of the whole personality of the workers – his social, psychological, economic, moral, cultural, intellectual development to make him a good worker, and thereby increasing his morale, productivity which in turn leads to the development of his organisation “ A study on the effectiveness of labor welfare activities in Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates Ltd” will help to understand the welfare measures provided and how much it had influenced the employees and contributed to the organization

1. To make a detailed study on the statutory and voluntary welfare activities of Nagarjuna. 2. To ascertain the level of employee satisfaction.
3. To find out the effectiveness and also draw backs of welfare measures of Nagarjuna from the employees’ point of view. 4. To provide some valuable suggestions for improving the existing welfare measure of the company.

In a world of changing values, where ideologies are rapidly under going transformation, rigid statements about the field of labour welfare need to be revised. Labour welfare work is increasing with changing opportunities and need to meet varying situations. It is also increasing with the growing knowledge ,experience and technology. This study was conducted at Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates Ltd” .The study gives valuable information regarding the influence of labour welfare activities on the commitment and involvement of employees towards achieving organizational goals. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY

Industrial progress of a country depends on its committed labour force. In this regard the importance of labour welfare was recognized as early as 1931, when the royal commission on labour stated that the benefits which go under this nomenclature are of great importance to the worker who is unable to secure by himself. The schemes of labour welfare may be regarded as ” a wise investment ’which should and usually does bring a profitable return in the form of greater efficiency. Twenty years later, when it is observed that ”in order to get the best out of a worker in the matter of production, working conditions require to be improved to a large extent. The worker should at least have the means and facilities to keep to himself in a state of health and efficiency. This is a primary a question of adequate nutrition and suitable working condition which should be such as to safeguard his health and protect him against occupational hazards. The workplace should provide reasonable amenities for his essential needs. The worker should also be equipped with the necessary technical training and a certain level of general education. So“ A study on the effectiveness of labour welfare activities in Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates Ltd” will definitely throw light on how much important is labour welfare as far as an organization is concerned.

The methodology used for the study is through the collection of primary and secondary data.

o Nature of the study...
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