A Study on the Effects of Marijuana: Impairment of Motor Skills

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Marijuana Impairments a Qualitative Study

The term that knowledge is power only stands correct if your information is reliable and correct. Therefore, only some information is power, for not all information is reliable. The information we receive substantiates our belief system, and the decisions we make and how we understand the world around us. If that information is tainted by receiving misinformation/inaccuracies, such as information handed down through myths, folklore, and others’ misconceived ideals, then this information is dis-empowering to us and could be harmful to our creditability (Harris, 2010).

This qualitative study is on the effects of Marijuana, and how it impairs function and inhibits motor skills. The purpose of a qualitative study is to gain knowledge from a particular social situation, event, role, group, or interaction (Creswell, 2009 p. 194). Therefore, it is an investigative process where the researcher gradually derives a conclusion from a social phenomenon by contrasting, comparing, recreating, cataloging and classifying the object of a study (Creswell, 2009, p.194). According to Creswell (2009), in order to accomplish a qualitative study one must immerse themselves into the everyday activities of the topic/setting of the informants’ environment through continual interaction, and pursue the informants’ views and interpretations (p. 194). Qualitative research is the attempt to reconstruct the subjects’ real-world experiences.

The study by Ramaekers, Kauert, Ruitenbeek, Theunssen, Schneider, and Moeller (2006) indicates that high-potency marijuana was shown to consistently impair executive function as assessed in the Tower of London (TOL) task (p. 2298). In the original version of TOL, it consists of three colored balls, which must be arranged on three sticks to match the target configuration on a picture while only one ball can be moved at a time (p. 2298). The current version is computer generated images comprised of the start...
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