A Study on the Customer Satisfaction on After Sales and Service in Bajaj

Topics: Bajaj Auto, Bajaj motorcycles, Customer service Pages: 32 (9172 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Customer satisfaction is related to the human activity directed at satisfying human wants through the exchange of goods and service. Satisfying the customers occupies a most important position in business management. Customer satisfaction plays a crucial and critical role as it deals with customers and their needs. The major task of organization is to satisfy customers by meeting their needs and wants. The essence of organization is the customer and not the product shall be the heart of the entire business system. It emphasizes on customer oriented business. Policies and programs, which are formulated to serve efficiently the customer demand. “Satisfaction of a customer is so basic that it cannot be considered as a separate function. It is the way whole business seen from the point of view of its final results i.e., from the customer’s point of view”. A consumer is the king and has the right to choose from a large variety of offering. He is the main person around which all business evolves. Today market is a more customer oriented in the sense all the business operations revolve around satisfying the customer by meeting their needs through effective service. Thus, business is often dynamic, challenging and rewarding. It can also be frustrating and even disappointing but never dull. The topic “Customer satisfaction after Sales and Service” is chosen to study the service provided by R K Bajaj who are the dealers of Bajaj Motors in the Madurai and Virdhu nagar districts. This project deals with how R K Bajaj defines its consumer and uses its resources in the best way to attract and satisfy their needs and wants competitively and profitably. Here satisfying customers limited only till the service is provided after the sales, but they include all functions necessary to satisfy the customer such as financing, after sales services, etc.

The automobile industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Being a major revenue and job generating sector it drives the economies of some of the superpowers of the world. In India the automobile industry has grown by leaps and bounds since the advent of the liberalization era the automobile industry and especially the two wheeler segment has grown by leaps and bounds. The liberalization has done away with primitive and prohibitive practices of licensing and restricted foreign investment have been done away with. The result of which was the entry of foreign players into the Indian market. The two wheeler segment was largely dominated by automobile products of India (API) and Enfield in the 50s. Later on towards the end of the 50s Bajaj autos began importing vespa scooters from Italian company piaggio. In the following decades the automobile industry in India was mainly dominated by scooters with API and later Bajaj dominating the market. There were very few products and choices available as far as motorcycle is concerned and Enfield bullet and Rajdoot dominated the market. The 80s saw the entry of Japanese companies in the Indian market with the opening up of the market to foreign companies. Hero honda and Tvs Suzuki are companies formed in this era of market reform. The market was still predominantly scooter dominated and Bajaj and Lml were the leading brands producing the products at that time. Scooter was viewed as a more family and utility friendly vehicle than motorcycle and hence was preferred. The Japanese companies not only collaborated with Indian companies to produce the already existing products but also brought in new technology as a result of which the ever conquering 100cc bikes which were extremely fuel efficient with 4 stroke engines were launched in India. These proved to be highly successful as they provided a cheap and affordable means of personal transport to all those who could not buy a car. The flourishing middle class took a great liking for these bikes and the...
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