A Study on Singapore Grand Prix

Topics: Formula One, 2009 Formula One season, Singapore Pages: 45 (13306 words) Published: August 27, 2012

School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Diploma in Integrated Events and Projects Management

Events and Project Management:
A Study on
Singapore Grand Prix

Sim Pin Yi P0932666
Benjamin Daron Phoon Wei Ji P0962331
Cynthia Teo P0933625

Year of Study: Year 3, 2011/2012

Project Facilitator: Mrs Alvena Sam

Chapter 1- Introduction to Project7
1.1Brief of Project7
1.2 Scope of Work7
1.3 Objectives9
Chapter 2- Situational Analysis of Singapore Grand Prix (Part One)10 2.0 Singapore Grand Prix10
2.1 History of Singapore Grand Prix10
2.2 Reborn of Singapore Grand Prix11
2.3 Editions of FORMULA 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix11
2.3.1 Inaugural FORMULA 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix 200811 2.3.2 FORMULA 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix 200912
2.3.3 FORMULA 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix 201012
2.3.4 FORMULA 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix 201113
2.3.5 FORMULA 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix 201213
Chapter 3- Situational Analysis of Singapore Grand Prix (Part Two)15 3.1 SWOT Analysis on Singapore’s hosting and anchoring of Singapore Grand Prix15 3.1.1 Strengths16
3.1.2 Weaknesses18
3.1.3 Opportunities20
3.1.4 Threats22
3.2 Impact Analysis of Stakeholders29
3.2.1 Hotel Industry29
3.2.2 Entertainment Spots/ Restaurants30
3.2.4 SMEs31
3.2.5 General Public31
Chapter 4 - PEST Analysis on Singapore’s Suitability of Hosting and Anchoring Singapore Grand Prix34 4.0 Introduction to PEST Analysis34
4.1 Political34
4.11 Political Structure and Stability34
4.1.2 Pro-Business Environment35
4.1.3 Public Private Partnership35
4.1.4 Conclusion of Political Factors36
4.2 Economy37
4.2.1 Local Economy Outlook37
4.2.2 Economic Outlook in the Region37
4.2.3 Conclusion of Economic Factors38
4.3 Social39
4.3.1 Cosmopolitan and Meritocracy39
4.3.2 Lack of Sporting Events/Racing Events39
4.3.3 Increase in Standard of Living40
4.4 Technology41
4.4.1 World Class IT Infrastructure41
4.4.2 Logistics Hub41
4.4.3 Tertiary Education related to Automotive Industry41
Chapter 5 - Marketing Strategy43
5.0 Marketing43
5.1 Marketing Mission43
5.2 Marketing Objectives44
5.3 Target Groups44
5.4 Market Positioning46
5.5 Marketing Plan46
5.5.1 Marketing Plan – Sculpting Market Offerings47
5.5.2 Marketing Plan – Communicating Values50
Chapter 6 - Kingsmen Creatives Ltd’s Involvement in Singapore Grand Prix55 6.0 Introduction to Kingsmen Creative Ltd55
6.1 Kingsmen Creative Ltd Role in Singapore Grand Prix56
Chapter 7 - Kingsmen Project Management for Singapore GP57
7.0 Kingsmen Project Management for Singapore GP57
7.1 Construction Methodology and Work Method Statement57
7.1.1 Work Zone Management Plan58
Chapter 8 - Environmental Safety and Health60
8.0 Kingsmen Environmental Safety and Health Plan60
8.1 Relevant Company Practices60
8.1.1 Workplace Safety and Health Promotions and Programme60 8.1.2 Workplace Safety and Health Inspections62
8.1.3 Risk Assessment63
8.1.4 Personal Experience with Kingsmen ESH Plan65
Chapter 9 - Factors Related to Pit Entry Corporate Suites68 9.0 Pit Entry Corporate Suites68
9.1 Proper Laying of PVC Membrane68
9.2 Cables and Piping to be hidden68
9.3 Finishing touches on interior walls and floors69
Chapter 10 - Conclusion70


It is never hard to notice the things that affect us during our daily lives when iconic events such as the Singapore Grand Prix landed on our shores. Road closures that result in re-routing of your daily route are just one of the more obvious examples of how it affects us, albeit on a yearly basis. More subtle effects shall not be ignored such as economic growth, and also the feel good factor so is the increment of national pride as it is never easy to put Singapore on the world map for the right...
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