A Study on Repercussion of Violent Video Games on Young People- Business Et Hics Viewpoint

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Bus 401 | Study on Repercussion of Violent Video Games on young people

Letter of Transmittal
December 27, 2010

Mr. Saeed Rahman Lecturer School of Business North South University

Subject: Submission of the research study on Repercussion of Violent Video Games on young people

Dear Sir, It is a great pleasure for us to submit research study on Repercussion of Violent Video Games on young people. We are pleased to inform you that we have thoroughly enjoyed working through this research paper and all of our representatives have contributed efficiently and moreover effectively to finish this significant report. This has enabled us to gain valuable knowledge and experience that is essential in our career development.

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to convey our deep regard for your valuable guidance and sincere inspiration. We hope you will enjoy reading this paper.

Yours sincerely, ______________________ Mahenaz Chowdhury ______________________ Nusrat Hasan ______________________ Shadman Sakib ______________________ Taskin Shakib ______________________ Md. Faizur Rahman


Bus 401 | Study on Repercussion of Violent Video Games on young people

Executive Summary
This research paper has been conducted on the repercussions of playing violent video games. The prime target are the children and teenagers who are considered to be very naïve and vulnerable due to their age and lack of knowledge about purchasing and playing video games such as Grand Theft Auto, God of War, Doom, Manhunt, etc.

There are various kinds of negative effects, which are created from playing such games. There are more adverse effects than positive effects on the players and it can be categorized in two segments as long-term effects and short-term effects. The young and easily manipulated players are observed to show very disturbing behavior, which includes aggressive and destructive notions on their surrounding.

Within this research paper, we have tried to explore the extent of the impacts on the players. The ethical issue is the main concern here, that how the business of video games are actually exploiting the children and teenagers by taking advantage if their vulnerability. We have shown the ethical issues related to playing video games by relating the subject with various ethical theories and concepts such as the contemporary and non-contemporary theories. Also, there are relations with ethical concepts such as CSR pyramid, consumers’ vulnerability, etc.

After connecting with the theories and concepts of ethics, we have recommended few things that could be in order to reduce the negative impacts of the violent games, by making sure that parents keep a steep eye on their children on what kind of games they play and for how long they play. They need to be under supervision and must exercise caveat emptor to not play games which have severe consequences.


Bus 401 | Study on Repercussion of Violent Video Games on young people

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Research Framework 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Major objectives of the Research 1.3 Methodology of the Research 1 2 2


Chapter 2: Cases Regarding the Violent Games affecting behaviors of the players 2.1 Case 1- Video Games: A Cause of Violence and Aggression 2.2 Case 2- The Impact of Video Games on Children 2.3 Case 3- Violent Video Games Have Lasting Negative Impact 2.4 Literature Review Chapter 3: Cause and Effect 3.1 The Negative Effects of Video Game Chapter 4: Application of some major concepts of business ethics 4.1 Characteristics of the victims (altered behavior ) and their ‘Vulnerability’ 4.2 Analysis of the issue from the perspective of different ethical theories 4.3 Whether Caveat Emptor is applicable and ‘consumers rights’ Chapter 5: Recommendations and Conclusions 5.1 Our own views and recommendations 5.2 Conclusion Bibliography 48 51 52 47 32 30 26 4 10 15 19


Bus 401 | Repercussion of Violent Video Games...
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