A Study on Recent Trends in Selection and Recruitment in Private Sectors

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A study on recent trends in selection and recruitment in private sectors


Recruitment and Selection are simultaneous process and are incomplete without each other. They are important components of the organization and are different from each other. It also contains addresses of various and top placement consultants and the pricelist of advertisements in the magazine.

Recruitment is the process of attracting job candidates with the right characteristics and skills to fit job openings. The preferred recruiting method is to begin with a large number of possible job candidates and then give serious consideration to a much smaller number. However, if few candidates are available, the recruiter must be less selective or not fill the position.

Selection is the process of choosing the right candidate from a pool of applicants. This process is established to achieve a good match between the job requirements and the candidate’s skills and motives. A good match results in increased productivity and quality performance. A bad match is extremely costly to the company due to the cost of training the candidates, the cost of mistakes made by the candidate and the cost of replacement.


Recruitment forms the first stage in the process which continues with selection ceases with the placement of the candidate. Recruiting makes it possible to acquire the number and type of people necessary to ensure the continued operations of the organization. Recruiting is the discovering of potential applications for actual and anticipated organizational vacancies.

Dr. Shoeb Ahmad (2004)

The internal recruitment process can be very encouraging and motivating for employees since they are assure that they will be preferred over outsiders when the opportunities occur. This reinforces a sense of loyalty among employees for it provides them with an opportunity for advancement. This also helps the management to be assured of the quality of performance of employees since the organization generally keeps a record of the employee performance and progress J S Chandan (2001)

The fiercely competitive nature that prevails in today’s recruitment arena, many employers still turn to traditional recruitment sources. The top ten sources of job applicants, according to one SHRM survey, are employee referrals, newspaper ads, recruitment, contingent-help firms ,job fairs, the Internet, targeted minority recruiting, walk-ins, and government employment services. Other popular sources include clients and customers, direct mail, Human Rights files, job posting, military recruiting, open houses, outplacement firms, professional association, radio and television and research firms.

Diane Arthur

Global recruiting presents unique challenges. Multinational business must have the capability to connect with other parts of the globe to locate talent. Company recruiters must meet job specification calling for multiculturalism (being able to conduct business in other cultures) on top of more traditional skills. To fill international positions, the recruiter may also require the assistance of a bilingual interviewer to help assess the candidate’s ability to conduct business in more than one language

Andrew J. Dubrin

From the literature review, it is clear that the newer methods of selection and recruitment are emerging in the private companies and these are required nowadays. Hence this study is important to be conducted.

In the current world recruitment and selection plays a vital role. Recruitment and Selection is the first stage to recruit effective human resource in the organization. So the organization follows different methods and recent trends to recruit. Hence the student is in H.R stream is interested in the study of the different methods and trends in the...
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