A Study on “Management Student (Post Graduates) Perception Towards

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A study on “Management Student (Post Graduates) perception Towards Business line News Paper in Tirupati”
A Newspaper is a regularly scheduled publication containing news, information, and advertising .we know Many people like newspapers, but few preserve them; yet the most interesting reading imaginable is a file of newspapers. It brings up the past age with all its bustle and every day business affairs, and marks its genius and its spirit more than the most labored description of the historian .India is one of the few countries in the world to have many business newspapers, which not only reflects the vitality and vibrancy of the media, but also the new vitality of our economy. The large readership for these business newspapers transcends from the rapidly growing corporate sector, it also illustrates the growing interest that the general public now evinces in economic matters which reflect the growing importance of business and economy in our national discourseit is an important part for the management students know about business line news paper and update knowledge through the business news paper. The aim of my research paper is to provides information about news paper reading habits ,awareness of business papers ,purpose of reading news paper and customer perception towards business line news paper Key words:-Perception, Business news paper, Awareness, Transcend

History of news paper
The origin of newspapers dates back to Renaissance Europe. It was during this period that local European merchants began the habit of distributing handwritten newsletters amongst each other. However, it was the Germans who introduced the earliest forms of printed newspapers way back during the 1400's. Since then the outlook of newspapers has undergone tremendous evolution. In recent times the total number of newspaper count has increased to a mammoth 6580. News paper industry in Asia 2010

The industry is expected to grow in the next 5-10 years, according to a just-released report by Ifra, the world's leading association for newspaper and media publishing. In most Asian countries, advertising accounts for 50 per cent (in India up to 80 per cent) of the total revenues among English newspapers. In general we consider the worldwide newspaper market as being currently divided into a stagnating market (in the west) and a fast growing market in Asia. Many on the problems Western publishers deal with are not relevant for India — like shrinking markets and declining circulation. The English newspaper situation in India was in some ways similar to that in the US, with each major city having one predominant newspaper, The Hindu in Chennai, Deccan Herald in Bangalore, Times of India in Mumbai, Hindustan Times in Delhi similar to New York Times from NY or the Chicago Tribune serving the Chicago area. History and origin of newspapers in India:

The first newspaper of the country was introduced in Calcutta (Kolkata). Titled Calcutta General Advertise or Hickey's Bengal Gazette this newspaper was the brainchild of an eccentric Irishman called James Augustus Hickey during the 1780's. Soon newspapers like Bombay Herald and Bombay came into being following the success of their precursor. Over the years the country has witnessed the rise of multiple newspaper dailies out of which broadsheets like Times of India, The Telegraph, Hindu, Hindustan Times, The Statesman, Economic Times, Ananda Bazar Patrika, The Tribune etc have become the highest circulated newspapers in India. Business news papers in India

Business Line or The Hindu Business Line is an Indian business newspaper published by Kasturi and Sons, publishers of the The Hindu newspaper Business Line started publishing in 1994. It is India's youngest business newspaper and also the country's second largest selling, with a circulation of one lakh copies, next to the Economic Times Business Standard was started in 1975 by the Ananda Bazaar group in what was...
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