A Study on Investment in Commodity Market

Topics: Futures contract, Commodity market, Commodity Futures Trading Commission Pages: 85 (26961 words) Published: February 19, 2013
* The main and foremost object of my study is to identify the overall process or structure of a well reputed Financial based organization. * To evaluate the scope and credibility of brokerage companies in the present economic set-up. * To understand the competition faced by the broking companies engaged in similar products. * To locate the problems faced by investors and how they overcome the problems. * To study the concepts of commodities trading in India. * To study of the various trends in commodity trading * To analyze the view of commodity traders.

* To make understand the process of future commodity trading in India. * To know the investment pattern of commodity traders and people. * To assess the social commitment of a fast growing business. * To study in detail the role of futures and forwards. * To  analyze  the  present  situation  of  the  commodities  in  Indian  market  and  suggest  for  any  improvements  thereafter. * To know the methods adopted by the management for sales promotion such as incentives, rewards, honors etc * To make a simple awareness of financial control and profit earning technique of brokerage industry. * To understand the company has any formal process for accepting employee suggestions on innovation. * To gain firsthand experience from a Financial based industry etc.

Various methods were used to conduct the study. The data used were collected through; * Various software’s and Company websites. [www.moneycontrol.com, Forexfactory.com , Squareindia.com] * Different Magazines & Articles. [Business Today, Business world, Indian financial system etc.] * Questionnaire method is mainly used in personal interview. * Faculty members, Friends & Family Members and

* Different levels of Employees and from Sub brokers in Nirmal Bang Etc.

* The data collected is completely restricted to Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt.Ltd. Bangalore of June - August 2012 hence this analysis cannot be taken universal. * The study was limited to only the main significant investment options in commodity market. * Most of the information collected is secondary data.

* The data is compared and analyzed on the basis of performance of the investment options over the past five years. * While considering the returns from mutual funds only top performing schemes were analyzed. * It was very difficult to obtain the date regarding the details of returns of each investment history. * I have collected most of the information about the company from the my external guide and from the written works etc.

SL.NO;| CONTENTS| PAGE NO;|| EXICUTIVE SUMMARYINTRODUCTIONINDUSTRY PROFILE COMPANY PROFILECOURCE STUDYCHAPTER- 1SWOT ANALYSISFINDING & SUGGESTIONSCONCLUSION REFERENCESANNEXURES| 1 - 2 3 - 9 10 - 20 21 - 26 27 - 29 30 - 34 35 - 37 38 - 40 41 - 43 44 - 45 46 - 47 49 - 56 57 - 63 64 - 65 66 - 67 72 - 78 79 - 80 81 82 - 83 84 85 86 - 87|

For preparing this report, I have visited Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt Ltd for 60 days, to avail the necessary information. I have filled up the questionnaire with some prospective clients, spoke to many of the present clients and I have also analyzed the variations of four important commodities from two sectors[metal and oil] . The blend of learning and knowledge acquired during my practical studies at the company is presented in this project. The project starts with a small introduction of my project, an overview of company and industry profile, core-study of my project is divided into two chapters, chapter one deals with Commodity Trading systems available in the market and...
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