A Study on Entreprenuerial Attitude

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Entrepreneurship, Personality psychology Pages: 18 (4531 words) Published: November 11, 2012
A Study on Entrepreneurial Attitude and the Influential Factors for Business Department Students in Technological Colleges/Universities in Taiwan

Chao-ching Chen, Yu-Fen Chen, Ming- Chuan Lai
Tainan University of Technology
Department of Business Education, National Changhua University of Education yufen@cc.ncue.edu.tw、lai0722@ms38.hinet.net

This study verifies an entrepreneurship attitude model and the influential factors for business department students at technology colleges and universities. This study is based on a literature analysis and theory to construct the entrepreneurship attitude model and the influential factors for students. Student personal characteristics are adopted as independent variable, environment cognition as the intervening variable, and attitude toward entrepreneurship as the dependent variable. The survey sample is students studying in the business department at National or Private Colleges and Universities of Technology. One thousand eighty-five copies of a survey questionnaire were distributed with 881 copies returned, of which 792 questionnaires were valid. The responses were analyzed using stepwise regression and LISERL. The results indicated that student attitude toward entrepreneurship was affected by environment cognition and personal traits, which indirectly affected attitude toward entrepreneurship. Key Words: Attitude toward entrepreneurship、environmental cognition、personal traits. 1. Introduction

The entrepreneurial revolution has taken hold across the globe and has undeniably impacted the world of business. The younger generation of the 21st century is becoming the most entrepreneurial generation since the Industrial Revolution. About 5.6 million Americans are actively trying to start their own businesses today. They are younger than age 34 and nearly 80% of would-be entrepreneurs are between the ages 18 and 34. These explosive numbers have come with similar increases in the field of entrepreneurship education (Donald, 2005). In Taiwan, remarkable growth and development in research in curricula and programs has occurred in the field of entrepreneurship and new-venture creation. Colleges and universities offer courses to students to prepare for the future. According to this trend, we ought to understand student needs for entrepreneurship studies. The impact of entrepreneurship education has been recognized as one of the crucial factors that help youths to understand and foster an Attitude toward entrepreneurship (Gorman, Fanlon & King, 1997;Kourilsky & Walstad, 1998). The attitude and knowledge of entrepreneurship are likely to shape their inclination to start their own business in the future (Wang & Wong, 2004). We need to understand how to develop and nurture potential entrepreneurs while they are still students in school. We are exploring and confirming the factors that influence student attitude toward entrepreneurship to help colleges and universities design and develop effective entrepreneurial programs. This study surveyed a sample of technological college and university students in Taiwan to examine their attitude toward entrepreneurship and the main factors affecting their attitude. We reviewed the past literatures to construct the research framework. 2. Literature review

There are various personal characteristics, cognitions, and social conditions that affect an individual’s choice to pursue entrepreneurial activities (Carter, Gartner, Gatewood and Shaver,2003). This article focuses on a specific set of environmental cognitions and personal traits, and examines the reasons individuals offer for student entrepreneurial attitudes. 2.1 Attitude toward entrepreneurship

Schame pointed out that entrepreneurship is a part of the company management processes which focus on investment into new ventures, creating a new venture, building new organization departments, and supplying new products and services (Wang, 1991). Low and MacMillan (1988)...
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