A Study on Effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management in M/S Sri Devi Textile, Palladam

Topics: Customer relationship management, Textile, Chi-square distribution Pages: 11 (2330 words) Published: March 21, 2012

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The Textile industry in India has been pioneer industry. India’s Industrialization in other fields has mainly been achieved on the back of the resources generated by the industry. The recent liberalization measures have presented the industry with golden opportunity to regain its lost glory with the active help and encouragement from the govt. it will not be long before India can recover the ground it has lost in area it has traditionally been good at as a world supplier of high quality textiles. The industry is well organized on our country either in terms of value of annual output or number of labors employed. Indian textile industry is the second largest in the world. It has the largest cotton acreage of 9 million hectares and is the third largest producer of this fiber. It ranks fourth in terms of staple fiber production and sixth among filament yarn production. The incident of consumer among educated is much higher than overall usual status of consumer Within the bard trend towards an increasingly open and chronic character of consumer, emphasis on their standard of living and they convert this as a new full-time employment by virtue of their talents and hard work. Urban poverty has forced the women to go in for employment in knitwear. Majority of the people do not undertake entrepreneurial ventures. There is need to strengthen and streamline the role of public in the development of various sectors by harnessing their power towards nation building and to attain accelerated economic growth. Reasons for fast Development of Textile Industry are:

← Govt. favorable price policies on synthetic fabric industry. ← Ability of is to bring flexibility in the product mix in line with the market situation. ← Low labor costs achieved resulting in lower cost of production. 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The present world is a fast moving one because of many reasons the people use quality goods for convenience and also people are influenced by different factors to purchase the product. At present many brands and designs are available, but the consumer prefer to purchase a quality product, hence, the researcher selected this problem. 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

1. To ascertain the effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management. 2. To find out the role of CRM in retaining the customers.
3. To suggest measures based on the findings for effective CRM. 1.4 Scope of the Study
The scope of the study is to analyze the satisfaction level of the consumer towards Shree Devi Tex in Palladam. The study is expected to provide sufficient information about the textile performance and also to know how far the respondents are satisfied with the textile goods. The study shows the expectations of the respondents and also reveals how to improve the textile service. 1.5 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY

The researcher took all possible care to avoid shortcomings and errors in the collection of data. All possible care and skill were exercised to derive the conclusions and bring out the findings of the study. In spite of all the efforts taken by the researcher in this regard, the present study is subject to the under mentioned limitations. 1. The response may be affected by personal factors.

2. Some respondents did not show interest and cooperate 3. Opinions of the respondents vary time to time. DEFINITION OF TEXTILE:
“Pertaining to weaving or to woven fabrics: as textile arts: woven capable of Woven formed by weaving: as, textile fabrics”....
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