A Study on Eap in Business Development

Topics: Employee assistance programs, Employment, Health insurance Pages: 6 (1439 words) Published: February 5, 2013

K.G.Guru, Training Manager, AVIVA, Chennai .

Research Scholar, SRM University, Kattankolathur, Chennai 603203.


Research Guide: Dr. V.Nagajothi, Professor in SRM University, Kattangulathur, Chennai 603203.


What is EAP?
Employee Assistance Program - provides a full range of high quality, professional counseling and support services for employees and their eligible family members. The aim is to bring the participant into contact with that deeper part of his being from which well his own healing energies and to equip him with the knowledge and techniques whereby that contact may be maintained after he leaves the program. 2.EAP in India is carried out by the MNCs like Microsoft GTSC. The organizations use an external employee assistance provider, with a range of counselling services, including psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers. Most use is reported to be related to family problems and alcohol/drug issues. A small percentage (less than 5%) is related to workplace conflict. EAP is a structured program in which a combination of intensive group work and individual therapy enables the participant to experience himself in new ways. The perceptions and observations were obtained through semi-structured interviews and the research findings are presented by aggregating general themes among the overall population surveyed and among the specific groups. The various (non-invasive) therapies which will be offered at the healing centre, in one way or another, address the patient's difficulties on an energetic level which is, indeed, the only level from which real healing can proceed. 3.International Experience of Successful Implication of EAP: Visibility and knowledge: Although EAPs have become common within U.S. organizations, employers report that workers have limited awareness of them and lack a deep understanding of the full scope of EAP services. According to a recent Buck Consulting report, "Employers are stepping up communication with their employees about wellness and employee assistance programs available to them and are not planning to make significant cuts in the budgets for those programs, according to a survey."

The deep economic recession and the potential for health reform on the horizon are combining for a uncertain climate in the employee health benefits arena. As companies cut budgets, reduce production and call for furloughs, the future is becoming uncertain for programs designed to keep employees healthy But a growing body of knowledge is documenting the success of employer efforts to improve employee health and reduce costs through proactive health and productivity management programs.

In today's climate, health benefits professionals must carefully assess the value of investment in these programs. Careful evaluation must also be made of the program incentives--whether cash, gift cards, health insurance premium reductions or merchandise--that drive program engagement.

The current dilemmas facing EAPs are complex, with multiple causes. One dilemma is that EAP purchasers are not sufficiently informed to distinguish among different EAP models, resulting in decisions based on price. Another dilemma is that EA professionals need to figure out how to better serve local employers.

There are two delivery system models for EA services: the staff model and the network model. Each has advantages and disadvantages; there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all model. It is relevant to identify the pros and cons of both models for purchasers to make informed decisions and for providers to assess how they can fill unmet service needs in their respective markets.

Network model: A network includes a large number of independent contractors who provide EAP services. These independent contractors may serve in several EAP and health plan networks. The network model is based on volume,...
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