A Study on Customer Satisfaction –with Reference to Big Bazaar Hyderabad

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A study on customer satisfaction –with reference to big bazaar Hyderabad (group of future group)

Paper prepared by
Dr K.Chokkaiah
Associate professor
Dept of Public Administration and HRM
KakatiyaUniversity Warangal,

Gone Rajesh & Veldandi Ramchander Rao
Assistant professors
Jayamukhi institute of technological sciences
Narsampet Warangal

A Study on Customer Satisfaction –With Reference To Big Bazaar Hyderabad (Group of Future Group)

*Dr K.Chokkaiah
**Gone Rajesh
***Veldandi Ramchander Rao

Exceptional customer service results in greater customer retention, which in turn results in higher profitability. Customer loyalty is a major contributor to sustainable profit growth. To achieve success, you must make superior service second nature of your organization. A seamless integration of all components in the service-profit chain – employee satisfaction, value creation, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profit and growth – links all the critical dynamics of top customer service Sadly, mature companies often forget or forsake the thing that made them successful in the first place: a customer-centric business model. They lose focus on the customer and start focusing on the bottom line and quarterly results. They look for ways to cut costs or increase revenues, often at the expense of the customer. They forget that satisfying customer needs and continuous value innovation is the only path to sustainable growth. This creates opportunities for new, smaller companies to emulate and improve upon what made their bigger competitors successful in the first place and steal their customers. This paper focus on customer satisfaction reference to big bazaar a group of future group. *Associate Professor Department of Public Administration and HRM, Kakatiya University Email: drkchokkaiah@yahoo.com

**, *** Asst Professors, Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences, Narsampet Warangal Email: rajeshgone@gmail.com,vrcrao74@gmail.com
Ph 9949633930

To determine the current status of BIG BAZAAR KACHIGUDA (hyd). To find out the customer response towards big bazaar.
To evaluate and enhance data quality.
Examine effects other relevant factors.
Customer satisfaction ratio.
Level of satisfaction, causes of dis satisfaction.
Customer responses regarding services.
To study the satisfaction level of big bazaar customers with regard to other retail out lets. To make suggestions for improment of their products and services from the customer point of you based on this research to full fill customers needs.


It will extend to the actual field study of these out lets in Hyderabad It will give information to prospective customers.
To help us gain independent knowledge about the consumer perception of the out lets identified. The study can help the companies get additional research information. It facilitates evolution of brand name and customer satisfaction. The scope of the project work is to get the opinion from respondents on the issues of kachiguda BIG BAZAAR. The scope of the project work is to understand the level of expectations and satisfaction of BIG BAZAAR daily customers.


Mainly the survey was conducted in the kachiguda big bazaar. So the sample results may not represent the market scenario others areas. Time being a limiting factor was not sufficient to gather opinions from majority of the respondents, who form part of the universal sample. Since the sample size is 100 data may not represent the accurate results. Data collected was not fully presented in the paper ,in order to concise the paper

Data source:
Primary Data: - It is collected through questionnaire, direct observation of customer, interview. Sampling Plan:
Sampling Unit: - All Customers at Big Bazaar
Sampling size: - 100 units.
Sampling Technique:...
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