A Study on Consumer Satisfaction Towards Samsung Television

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Television today has become an essential and important media for business, news, entertainment etc. while it was a mere source of education and curiosity when it came into being. Television has been revolutionized with the application of satellite technology; variety of channels from different countries can be viewed at our homes by a mere installation of a dish antenna. Hence, it made true the statement of yesterday’s luxurious are today’s necessaries. The credit for the revival in TV industry largely goes to the satellite and cable television boom. In today’s life television has become a necessity rather than a source of entertainment. Television once called as the idiot box is now considered as the intelligent box.

In the post liberalization period global mega brands peeped into Indian markets expecting a huge market which was just waiting to be tapped. Although the entry of MNC’S did not make an impact initially, aggressive marketing strategies and innovative consumer friendly schemes has resulted in a sharp rise in their market share.

At present many international brands like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, LG, and Thomson etc. are competing with Indian brands such as BPL, Videocon, Onida etc. to capture Indian markets.

This study has been focused on the consumer preference of consumer durable like television and the impressions of the consumers with regards to product, price, place and promotion. Samsung is one of the leading TV brands in India. The study is titled, ‘’Consumer Response and stasifaction to Samsung Television’’. The study has been conducted for Viveks limited, one of the largest consumer electronics and home appliances retail chain in India. The study concentrates on acceptance of Samsung televisions as many of its competitors are offering similar quality and features to satisfy customer needs and wants. The study has the following objectives:

oTo know the degree of awareness of different brands of television. oThe level of brand preference of the consumers as regards to various brands of television and to know the brands of television which are currently in demand. oTo identify product attributes influencing brand preference. oTo identify which media has the greatest influence on the respondents. oTo identify product attributes influencing brand preference of Samsung televisions. oTo understand the features with which the respondents are most satisfied. oTo understand user behaviour towards Samsung television.

oTo know consumer satisfaction towards shopping at VIVEKS retail outlets.

Primary data for compilation of this report was gathered directly from the respondents through the use of the questionnaire. It was developed personally and offered the latest information.

The sample size of the study consisted of 100 respondents, 50 of whom are the users of the various brands of televisions and 50 who are the users of Samsung televisions.

Secondary data was obtained from the existing information available in the form of records and other documents available at VIVEK limited. Other sources of secondary data are reports, newspapers, and magazines.

The data gathered from the respondents have been analysed, interpreted and suggestions for the results have been provided.

The findings suggested the following:

oTechnology, performance and brand name has been given first consideration by the respondents when choosing their television. oONIDA, BPL, Videocon and Sony are the other popular brands owned by the respondents. oSamsung have been very effective in creating brand awareness and positive brand image. oThe owners of Samsung television are satisfied with their purchase and consider the products of Samsung to be of the highest quality. oThe users of Samsung televisions have been influenced by family and friends and television advertisements when purchasing Samsung televisions. oA majority of the respondents consider the pricing of...
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