A Study on Brand Consciousness Among Children and Its Effect on Family Buying Behaviour in Bangalore City

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Nithila Vincent
Assistant Professor
Department Of Commerce
Christ University
Hosur Road
Bangalore-560 029


I hereby declare that the research paper titled," Brand consciousness among children and its effect on family buying behaviour in Bangalore City", submitted by me is of my original research work. It does not form part of any previous dissertations, thesis or reports published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

Place: Bangalore

Date: 24 September 2005 Nithila Vincent


Children today are extremely aware of the various brands in the market and are conscious of the products they use or consume. They pick and choose carefully according to their needs, style preference etc. They also exercise a lot of independence in decision - making and influence the family buying behaviour. Today's kids are well informed, better than their parents. This is because virtually from birth today's children are exposed to TV commercials, banner ads, billboards, logos, and product promotions.

This study is an attempt to examine the level of brand consciousness among Indian children. Most of the studies conducted on brand consciousness among children were done in the U.S. or elsewhere outside India. Few specific studies on brand consciousness among Indian children have been conducted so far. Further, this study also analyses the effect of such brand consciousness in children on the family buying behaviour.

This study is based on the findings of a survey of 222 children and 222 parents spread over the south of Bangalore City. The children were in the age group of 8 to 16 years, both boys and girls selected at random within the age group mentioned, using convenience sampling method without any stratification to obtain a uniform size of respondents in each age / sex category.

For the purpose of the study the data has been collected from primary and secondary sources. Primary data was collected using two sets of questionnaires with 21 questions in each. One administered to the child to study the level of brand consciousness, and the second administered to the parent to study the impact on the family buying behaviour. In effect data was collected from 444 respondents for the two dimensional study. A major portion of the primary data was collected through Bethany High School, Koramangala, Bangalore.

The data has been analysed by employing approved scientific statistical tools such as Frequency Distribution Tables, Percentages, Bar diagrams, Pie diagrams, Chi-square analysis and ANOVA-single factor analysis. The results have been duly interpreted.

The study revealed the following:
➢ A very high level of brand consciousness prevails among children. ➢ Increased independence in decision making
➢ Freedom to buy with more pocket money at disposal.
➢ Parent's dependence on child's suggestions/opinions in the family decision-making. ➢ Parent's acknowledgement of the fact that children are better informed than them. ➢ Quality being the important criteria for purchasing a branded item. ➢ Unbranded products sometimes give same satisfaction as branded products. ➢ Television is the main source for brand awareness.

➢ A child's insistence for branded items (clothes or shoes) is likely to have more effect on a parent than advertising. The study reveals that parents' prefer branded products because child insists for them. A STUDY ON BRAND CONSCIOUSNESS AMONG CHILDREN AND ITS EFFECT ON FAMILY BUYING BEHAVIOUR IN BANGALORE CITY

'Brand', 'Brand Name', 'Brand Equity', 'Brand Loyalty' are forces or terms that affects a business. Product features can be easily copied; therefore brands are considered a marketer's tool for creating product differentiation. Brands differentiate products and represent a promise of value. Brands incite beliefs, evoke emotions, and...
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