A Study on Advertisement Effectiveness in Internet

Topics: Advertising, Online advertising, Internet Pages: 39 (7320 words) Published: September 13, 2012
The project title “A study on advertisement effectiveness in Internet” conducted in square soft Technologies aims to find out the general opinion on advertisement and its effectiveness in the internet. The main objective of the study is to determine the users’ expectation of Advertisement in Internet and the secondary objectives of this project is to identify user experience of viewing advertisement in Internet, to find out how they feel about Internet Advertisement, to determine the effectiveness of Advertisement towards the users, to find out the type of Advertisement comfortable for users, to give suggestion to improve the advertisement in Internet. This research was conducted with an aim to help the company to increase users for its client web sites. The main scope of this project are this study will help to understand the user experience and expectation towards Internet Advertisement, the information gathered through this research can be used by the company to improve its services and became more user friendly. This can increase the goodwill of the company and its overall performance; it helps the organization to understand the user psychology on viewing the webpage so that easily the product can be positioned. A questionnaire was used as the instrument to collect the primary data from the respondents. The target respondents were users of Internet in the Chennai. Customers above 18 years of age of different income group and professions were chosen for the survey. The tools that are used in this project are Percentage method, Chi-square test, Correlation. The sample size decided for the study was 100 respondents. Simple Random sampling was chosen. That is accessible population members were selected for the study. Every research has its own limitation. Some of the limitations are most of the consumers did not spend more time in the questionnaire, so it might affect the quality of the data collected, due to shortage of time we did not meet more respondents, the shortage of time was another constraint for the study and human error is unavoidable.


|CHAPTER NO |CHAPTERS |PAGE NO | | |ACKNOWLEDGEMENT |I | | |ABSTRACT |Ii | |I |1.1 INTRODUCTION |2 | | | 1.1.1 INDUSTRY PROFILE |7 | | | 1.1.2 COMPANY PROFILE |11 | | | 1.1.3 NEED FOR THE STUDY |14 | | | 1.1.4 OBJECTIVES |15 | | | 1.1.5 SCOPE OF THE STUDY |16 | |II |2.1 LITERATURE SURVEY | | | | 2.1.1 REVIEW OF LITERATURE |18 | |III | 3.1 METHODOLOGY | | | | 3.1.1 RESEARCH DESIGN |23 | | | 3.1.2 DATA SOURCES...
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