A Study of the Rise and Fall of Cities

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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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Cities’ growth and decline

What is a “city”? A city is “a large and densely populated urban area; it may include several independent administrative districts”(Word net, n.d.). There are a lot of reasons of the rise and decline of cities. Many cities like Tokyo, Rome and Abu Dhabi are growing, and on the other hand, cities like Detroit and Flint are declining. Why are those cities rising while the others are declining? How can cities avoid declining? The answers to these questions are very important to know. The study of the rise and fall of cities helps Abu Dhabi city to grow more and avoid the decline in the future y preventing itself from becoming too dependent on one source of income.

One of the important reasons of the rise of cities is the strategic location. Rome is a city that has strategic location because of many factors, like being on the Italian peninsula which is surrounded on three sides by water. Also Rome is close to the Mediterranean Sea and its trade routes (The geography of Rome, n.d.). Commerce is another reason for the rise of cities. Tokyo has grown rapidly through the past half century. And the reason for this growth is commerce and industry. Tokyo has many industries such as, the production of electronic equipment, printing books, furniture, textile and a variety of consumer items (Economy, 2007). This diversity in manufacturing is the reason for the rise of Tokyo and has made it one of the most developed cities in the world. Another important factor of cities growth is the climate. For example, the cities of Florida had an attractive climate (City, 2008). Ahmed Al Mansoory, an Emirati man who lives in Florida said, ”the summer in Florida is long, but it is warm and fairly humid, and on the other side, the winter is mild with occasionally cold air”(Personal communication, March 9,2011). This climate of Florida gives it growth and makes it an attractive place.

The decline of cities has many reasons, and the...
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