A Study of the Relationship Between the Peer Influence of the Young Night Drifters (Ynds) and the Behaviors of Ynds

Topics: Sociology, Peer group, Adolescence Pages: 47 (14492 words) Published: October 6, 2012
A study of the relationship between the peer influence of the young night drifters (YNDs) and the behaviors of YNDs

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction

Research Topic P.4 Area of Study P.4 Justifications P.4 Researchable Questions P.5 Research Objectives P.5

Chapter 2: Literature Review

The Definition of YNDs P.6 The Number of YNDs in Hong Kong P.6 The Factors of Young Night Drifting Activities in Hong Kong P.7 The Elements of Peer influences P.12 The Categories of YNDs’ Behaviour P.13

Chapter 3: Conceptual Framework P.15
Conceptual Definition of the Variables P.17 Operational Definition of the Variables P.17

Chapter 4: Methodology

The Research Approach / Design P.18 Method in Data Collection P.18

Chapter 5: Data Analysis
Part A: Basic Finding
1. Non – Law Breaking Behaviors P.20 2. Law Breaking Behaviors P.21 3. Type of Peer relationships P.23 4. Factors affecting the quality of friendships P.22 5. Peer influences on specific type of behaviors P.27

Part B: Relationships of Variables – case examples
1. Family background P.29 2. Curiosity P.30 3. Weak family attachment P.31 4. Search for excitement / boredom in life P.31 5. Delinquent sub-culture P.32 6. Attachment in school Vs Truancy P.33 7. Labeling Effect P.33

Chapter 6: Conclusion P.35 Chapter 7: Recommendations \ P.37
Chapter 8: Difficulties and Limitations P.39 Bibliography P.41

1. Interview Guideline P.44 2. Research Schedule P.45

Chapter 1: Introduction
Research Topic
The study of the relationship between the peer influence of the young night drifters (YNDs) and the behaviors of YNDs

Area of Study
The area of study of this research was young night drifters who were defined as people who were aged 13 to 20 staying out in the street from twelve o’clock at midnight to six o’clock in the morning. They might either voluntarily or involuntarily stay out. YNDs aged 13 to 20 were the main focus of studying.

There are approximately 50,000 to 60,000 YNDs who are under 18 each year in Hong Kong (Newbery, 1999), representing about 15% of the overall youth population (persons aged 15 to 24) (Census & Statistics Department, 2005). That means there is an average of one out of 15 teenagers around us roaming the streets at night. The number of YNDs still keeps on increasing with the growing youth population (YMCA, 2002). As the youth night drifters are easily involve in the criminals activities, as the youth is the future of the society, and it is worthy to study and protect them to leave away the crime, since peer system is important to the growth of the adolescent (E. Erickson), therefore it is a significant to study in this social issue the behaviors related to young...
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