A Study of Necessity on Sport Facilities to the Fulltime Students in the Uitm

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Sampling Pages: 7 (1709 words) Published: February 14, 2011
Topic: A Study of Necessity on Sport Facilities to the Fulltime Students in the UiTM Kuantan

Table of contents



Chapter 1

1. Background
2. Problem statement
3. Research questions
4. Research objectives
5. Limitations and scope of the study
6. Significance of the study
Chapter 2
Literature Review and Conceptual Framework

1. Literature review
2. Conceptual framework
3. Hypothesis
Chapter 3
Research Design and Methodology

1. Research Design
2. Sample size
3. Sampling technique
4. Data Measurement
5. Data collection
6. Data analysis

Chapter 1

1. Background
Sport is very important to our live. It can make our live healthier and more enjoyable. Human body need to have sport to burn up the calories that taken during meals. It also releases the tocsin from the body. Some people are not interested in sport and have other activities to fulfill their free times. This is unhealthy habits and must be change in order to avoid some problems such as stress and obesity. People can get more friends through their involvement in sport. We can see that normally students who involved in sport are more aggressive and happier compared to the students who are not involved in sport. From the studies, parents need to train their children to have interest in sport for their healthy live in the future. They must let their children to play at playground with their guide. The schools also provide many activities that related to the sport to get healthier environment in it. Recently, our Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin also created an idea to get a student involves in at least one-sport activities in the school. For example, the student can involve in outdoor games such as football and netball or indoor games such as table tennis. However, there are also barriers raise that make student uninterested to involve in sport. One of the barriers is lack of sport facilities provided in their places. They get limited daily time after study to travel to other places to get sport activities. Therefore, the management should provide the sport facilities such as track and fields in their study places. At least a small volleyball or badminton courts is enough for their student’s benefits. Students in UiTM Kuantan does not provided with the sport facilities. Many factors influenced these circumstances. The major problem is about its space. UiTM Kuantan is located in the middle of Kuantan Town, which is crowded and faced the limited space to expand. This research is aim to find the response from the full time students in UiTM Kuantan. We hope this research will gain benefits for the students and get the full attention from the management of the UiTM itself due to the importance of the sports activities. The research, will give more ideas from the participants how to have the sport facilities. For example, to build the facilities that using a minimum space such as a small gymnasium, volleyball court or basketball court.

2. Problem statement

A study place such as universities and colleagues needs a larger space to fulfill the general requirements. Some universities or colleagues are located in town. This will cause a limited space and the management will give priorities to the more important facilities to build rather than sport facilities. This phenomenon is happening in the UiTM Kuantan. The management has no space for sport facilities for the student’s benefits. Students have no places to make the sport activities. In the long term, the students faced unhealthy lifestyle every day. They must have an exercise to make their body healthier and to release their tense after attend the long time study in a day. Without taking any exercises, the students will become weak and sometimes easily to get sick.

3. Research Objectives...
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