A Study of Michael Parkinson

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A Study of Michael Parkinson

At the age of 16, Michael Parkinson was fresh out of Barnsley Grammer School with the hopes of becoming a professional cricketer. However his hopes and dreams crashed when he was rejected by Yorkshire Country Club. With the feeling of disappointment Michael then turned to journalism. He is now one of the most successful journalists in Britain today. In 1971, BBC decided to give Michael Parkinson, a relatively young broadcaster, his own evening chat show, "Parkinson”. Parkinson was a breath of fresh air and over the following 11 years he interviewed many of the leading celebrities of the time. The program established him as one of the best known faces on television. Parkinson's chat show was axed in 1982. He then moved to ITV and became part of the Famous Five that launched TV AM. In 1998 the BBC resurrected "Parkinson" and the ageing presenter found himself back on prime-time. ''Parkinson'' aired its last show in 2007. Within this essay, the manner in which Michael Parkinson interviews his guests will be explored. References towards the David Tennant and occasionally Jeremy Paxman interview will be constituted.

The rapport that Michael Parkinson established with David Tennant was well-built. This is first depicted in the way in which Parkinson introduces David. ‘Parkinson: ... First up a Time lord, or as one female critic dubbed him, the first Timephwoar! The latest Doctor who, David Tennant’ Parkinson has exhibited here that he apprehends as to who his interviewee is and has researched him as well as being familiar with his work by stating small phrases such as ‘time lord’ and ‘the latest doctor who’. This tells one that he is aware of David Tennant’s recent successes. He also included a small amount of humour by adding ‘first Timephwoar’ which displays that there may be some personal understanding between them. This was well received by his audience as they applauded him.

During the interview, further development of the...
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