A Study of Impact & Roal on Advertising

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Research PROJECT Report

Study on Impact & Role of Advertising on Buying Behavior of FMCG Consumers (of Soaps)

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Affiliated to Mahamaya Technical University, Noida (U.P.)

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ALOK MOHAN SHASHI CHANDAN KUMAR Assistant Professor MBA (III Sem.) GNIT-MS Roll No. 1168470143

6-C, Knowledge Park-II, Greater Noida ( G. B. Nagar)

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2. Objective

3. Review of Literature

4. Research Methodology

5. Data Analysis

6. Use & importance of the study

7. Suggestions

8. Conclusion

9. Bibliography

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Throughout history, technological breakthroughs have created fundamental changes in the way we communicate and relate to each other. The new forms of communication that have surfaced with the passage of time have, each in their own way, influenced society dramatically. Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in the 15th century made it possible to mass produce text and triggered a wave of knowledge dissemination which eventually provided the foundations for the Lutheran reformation and other radical changes in the society of that time. In the 20th century, radio and television have brought sound and pictures directly to the individual household. This first generation of electronic mass media expanded the individual’s access to information and exercised a homogenizing influence on large parts of the population.

Interactive networks
In these years, a new communication technology is beginning to break through: interactive networks, which make it possible for the individual to retrieve and deliver large amounts of information to one or more recipients. As the information processed in these networks is digital, it can be replicated, manipulated and distributed with an unprecedented ease. And unlike the unidirectional communications of traditional mass media, the interactive networks are based on a two-way communication flow which gives a more active role to the user. Many observers argue that interactive networks hold the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate, work, shop and entertain ourselves. Revolution or not, there is little doubt that their long-term impact on our lives will be significant.

Commercial use of the Web
With a growing number of users spending an increasing amount of time on the Online, advertisers, who annually spend billions of dollars courting potential customers, are beginning to show great interest in this new medium. The fastest growing part of the Online, the World Wide Web, is increasingly being used for commercial purposes by companies who are attracted by the low costs of making information available, the possibilities of reaching a global audience, and the opportunity to use the medium’s interactivity to create a dialogue with the audience.


The aim of this report is to analyze the World Wide Web as an advertising carrier. The World Wide Web is a new medium which has not yet been adequately researched and described in the literature, and it embodies a number of communication characteristics which differ fundamentally from those of...
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