A Study of Evaporation and Condensation

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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Lesson Plan Reflection/Group 3
The intended learning objectives for our lesson was for students to understand certain science concepts and principles of the water cycle. As we worked the lesson inquiry with students we observed that they were engaged from the beginning. Once we began the mini-lesson discussion the vanilla extract by smelling the containers, students began to understand how the smell came to rise with the oxygen the molecules had risen and gave an odor for them to smell. We might have lacked a bit more information to further the discussion maybe providing books, slides, posters, or maybe a video to keep the students more involved. Although we lacked some information in the beginning with the mini lesson we still provided a sheet to ask students to predict the outcome before we began working on the exploring part of the inquiry. Then students began to experiment on the process of evaporation and condensation through half the lesson. I believe that if students are able to be engage and explore their lesson objectives they will take more information with them at the end of the lesson. Students were motivated to work through the experiment with their groups with ease. Instructions were provided to each group which made the experiment go smoothly with no interruptions from the class. As we assessed the graphic organizers and quizzes we were able to gather sufficient evidence that all the students had reached the objective of our lesson for the day. Many predicted the outcome and also learned that temperature makes a difference on evaporation and condensation. Also the quizzes everyone answered the questions correctly which also provided sufficient evidence that they understood the process of exploring and experimenting with the water cycle of evaporation and condensation.
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