A Study of Brand Building Activities Followed by Fuel Marketing Companies

Topics: Brand, Retailing, Sales Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: June 15, 2011
A STUDY OF BRAND BUILDING ACTIVITIES FOLLOWED BY FUEL MARKETING COMPANIES.( QUESTIONNAIRE FOR DEALERS) Q1: Please tick mark against the company whose dealership you have a) HPCL b) BPCL c) IOCL d) Other ( Please specify)----------------- Q2: Kindly indicate (tick mark) the location of your retail outlet a) Within the Cityb) On the Highway

Q3: Which type of fuel do the consumers use the most ? (Please tick) a) Branded
b) Unbranded (Normal)
Q4: How many people go for branded fuel?(out of 100)(please tick) a) 10-30c) 61-90
b) 31-60 d) Above 90
Q5: Which category of users uses branded fuel more
a) 2-wheeler owners b) 4 wheeler owners c) Can’t say Q6: Kindly rate the media used by your company most often for advertisement/ promotional activities? ( Rate 1 for most preferred and 8 for least preferred)

a) Newspapers e) TV
b) Radio f) Magazines c) Hoardings ( in the city) g) Wall Paintings d) Hoardings (at retail outlets) h) Internet Q7: What type of activities other than advertisements through various media does your company do for brand building?( You can tick more than one) a) Coupons c) Loyalty Cards

b) Discount offer d) Promotional Schemes Q8: Kindly rate the type of payment mode used by customers? ( rate 1 for most preferred & 4 for least preferred) a) Cheque c) Credit Card b) Cash d) Debit Card

Q9: Which type of promotional activity will be most effective according to you? (Tick 1 for most effective & 5 for least effective) S.No. |...
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