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Telecommunication industry is a fast growing industry all over the world, During the beginning era of mobile phones, call charges was highly expensive and it was not affordable to common public, during period of 2000-2007 telecommunication industry become a highly competitive and mobile phones become a common commodity, this development gave extra energy to the telecommunication sector and mobile phone service providers started to attract subscribers Most of the countries have multiple operators and they do have very tight competition among them. Big countries like India, China, USA, have plenty of mobile operators, Most of the operators are offering low call costs and added value services to attract the subscribers. UAE is a very fast developing economy in MENA region and growth in UAE telecommunication sector is very aggressive. From 2003 UAE telecom sector started growing rapidly by increasing of mobile users, internet users, adding new broad band technology etc. UAE’s first telecom provider is Etisalat and it is established in 1976, up to 2007 Etisalat was the sole player in UAE telecom sector. When compare to some other countries UAE was the only country that had a single operator for long time. By 2007 UAE government has given the permission for one more operator, hence a new company has started which is Emirates Integrated Telecommunication PJSC. Currently UAE have two telecom operators which is Etisalat (Emirates Telecommunications Corporation) and DU (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications). Both companies are governed by TRA, Telecom Regulatory Authority.

TRA UAE has been established according to the UAE federal law, TRA is responsible for the managing of every part of telecommunication &information technology industry of UAE. As per a recent press release by TRA, (Telecom Regulatory Authority of UAE) number of mobile subscriptions in UAE growing hurriedly and it is expected to reach 11.7 million by the next year. This indicate that this rate is one of the high mobile penetration rates in the world. During 2008 -2012 the number of internet service subscribers increased 10.5% to over 1.3 million showed the figures. The percentage of internet subscriptions connected by fiber technology increased by 7.8% of customers were upgraded from copper networks to new advanced networks. As per the figures in 2011 telecommunication industry contributed a significant part in UAE’s economic growth and this sector an employer for around 10,000 people from different nationalities. Since UAE Is a place who have lot of expatriates, number of international calls are very high than some other countries and the revenue from ISD calls are also high. There is a lot of illegal VOIP calls provides in the market which is a threat to the telecom sector in UAE, Government has started a campaign to prevent this but still illegal VOIP providers are active in the market. Both operators Etisalt & DU has published lot of notices and warnings via media to educate people to stay away from illegal VOIP phone services. The development of information technology energized the telecommunication sector, in some cases the IT development helps the mobile companies to make more revenue, but some cases the IT development become a reason for their revenue lose also. Let me take the example of smart phones, since smart phones are very popular among the public, the revenue from the DATA usage has increased significantly, but in other ways the revenue from the calls has declined drastically as people has started to use messenger services with the help of mobile data internet. About DU- Profile

Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company
Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) is a telecommunications company in the United Arab Emirates. Although Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company is its legal name, it was commercially rebranded as DU in February 2006.They started their operation in 2006 with mobile and fixed...
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