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Topics: High school, Education, Middle school Pages: 7 (3150 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Adam Schlich
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Portal Middle High School: Mrs. Aubrey
1. Orientation to School: I was not able to get a formal orientation to the school until the week after spring break. This was not due to the school administration schedule but rather my own laziness. On the day of my orientation I reported to the middle schools vice principals office, Mrs. Spince, and I proceeded to ask her questions about the schools demographics, testing, textbooks, funding for school clubs, and how students are reprimanded. We talked about all of the above for about forty five minutes then she directed me towards the nurse’s office and I was off. While I was with the nurse we discussed her background and basic duties such as treating students with diabetes and distributing daily meds to those who need them. The nurse that was there the day I visited was actually a nursing student at East Georgia and she only works a few days a week. After I talked with the nurse I walked to the library and talked to the media specialist Mrs. Gorver we discussed what she does including but not limited to choosing books for the library, assisting teachers with tech support, assisting in standardized testing supervision, helping students with choosing books for projects, helping students writing papers, and starting a book club. After meeting with Mrs. Gorver I had a meeting scheduled with the student counselor but he was not there. As for a tour of the school the teacher I shadow Mrs. Aubrey walked me around the two hallway school explaining to me that the main hall is for the High School students and the smaller side hall way is for the middle school. She also took me to the library which although is rather cozy fits the small school well. In the library there are 2 computer labs for the teachers to take their students to do group work. Off of the library there is also a work room with an industrial printer, a wall full of VHS tapes, and a large laminator. 2. Teacher Duties: Two teacher duties that I observed were hall duty and bathroom duty. For hall duty Mrs. Aubrey must stand outside her door and watch all of the kids walk down the hall and pull the kids off to the side that are chewing gum, have pants to low, or are just acting bad and “reprimand” them. Although this sounds easy I assure you it is not… the second teacher duty that I observed was bathroom duty. For bathroom duty Mrs. Aubrey takes the kids, sometimes row by row sometimes just the whole class, and lines them up out by the bathroom. After this she lets usually three or four in at a time. As the kids use the facilities she must keep track of those who want to get water from the fountain, those in the bathroom, and those in line on the wall. I wasn’t sure why they do this with 8th grade students but apparently so many kids would leave to go to the bathroom the teachers decided to just have a set bathroom time. 3. Observing a Whole Class Session: In my whole class observation I observed my teacher reviewing for the math section of the CRCT. During this session my teacher played fraction bingo with the students of the class. In this instance there were only two 6th graders in the whole class. During the bingo game one of the students did just not want to play this game, he would scoot his chair back and walk around to avoid having to solve the problems. The other child was actually doing very well and asked for help on any problems he would have trouble with but he did not want to show any of his work. My teacher, Mrs. Aubrey calmed the one student down and got him to sit and showed both of them that if you write your work on a sheet of paper it is not that hard. The students are motivated by a positive reinforcement system to where if they participate and finish their work they can choose a piece of candy after class. There were numerous posters that encouraged trying you hardest for instance one of the posters read “You can’t hit the ball if all you are thinking about is the...
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