A Stressful Holiday

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Sociology Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Drug abuse among teens is spreading rapidly across Thailand especially in university students. Drug addiction is considered a disease, and it is in fact spreading like a virus among our children. In particular, I think that we should look at some of the reasons of drug use among university students and suggest some solutions to the problem. Firstly, the one reason of drug abuse among university students is peer pressure, particularly from the social influences among friends, school, and the community. If their social main group is using drugs, it can risk for teens because they are the juncture age that really easy to be persuaded. For example, most of university students got a lot of money from their parents and a lot of students left home and have a freedom to stay in dormitory by themselves, these can cause teenagers to try drugs just to fit in the social norms, they might do it to impress their buddies to be considered “cool” as part of being in the group and gain acceptance by friends. Secondly, some of them use drug because of the faulty function of the family. They use it to against their parents because their parents do not understand them or their parents lack of parental attachment. Moreover, they use it to relieve the disappointed and want to feel better or different and reasons may include: escape from pain and boredom. Many times, teens who grow up with parents who take drugs are also more likely to try drug than teens who have a good family relationship. Thirdly, as we now, today this entire staff called drug, affect mostly young people and it is more obvious in places where there are many gathered, like university because of the easiness of finding drugs in university, whenever they want, it is really easy for them to buy it because of weak law enforcement in our country. In short, University students use drug because peer pressure, faulty function of the family, to relive their depression and the weak law enforcement. I think it is a big problem...
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