A Streetcar Named Desire Themes

Topics: Love, Blanche DuBois, Human sexuality Pages: 4 (1066 words) Published: February 19, 2012


(Scene 1) At the beginning of the play, Stanley “heaves the package” at Stella. This is how we are introduced to the characters, and gives us an insight into their relationship and suggests that Stanley is a naturally violent person, and something may happen in the future between the two.

(Scene 3) Stanley throws the radio out of the window in a violent rage after Blanche repeatedly turns it on. “Stanley stalks fiercely” “with a shouted oath he tosses the instrument out of the window” Stanley supposedly hits Stella after she protests at his outbreak of rage when he threw the radio out of the window. “There is a sound of a blow. Stella cries out” On this occasion Stanley’s attitude towards Stella is purely physical and violent. We do not see Stanley hit Stella but the stage directions tell us information and we assume that he has.

(Scene 10) Blanche tries to fend Stanley off with a broken bottle top “she smashes a bottle on the table and faces him” . However this doesn’t deter Stanley and he “Springs towards her, overturning the table.” He then carries her into the bedroom. It is up to the reader to make up their mind as to what happens after that, but it is implied that Stanley rapes Blanche, the pinnacle of his violent state.


(Scene 1) Blanche feels that she will have no privacy as she is only separated from Stanley and Stella’s bedroom by a curtain. “But there’s no door between the two rooms, and Stanley-will it be descent?”-Blanche. This suggests that Blanche feels that she will be imposing on Stella and Stanley’s sexual relationship. She feels uncomfortable with the situation.

(Scene 3) Blanche flirts with Mitch, displaying her feminine sexuality. She exaggerates her (assumed) purity and innocence. “Blanche means white” which reflects purity. We find out that both Blanche and Mitch are romantically interested in each other.

(Scene 7) Stanley reveals to Stella the information that he found...
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