A Streetcar Named Desire Essay 4

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A Streetcar Named Desire Essay 4

By | October 2005
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A Streetcar Named Desire

Tennessee Williams's, A Streetcar Named Desire discusses the different stages of life in several different ways. He uses three main characters to demonstrate the obstacles in each of these fazes. The first character being Blanche she is cultivated; fantasy seeking, and a southern bell that has a hard time grasping reality. Ronald Hayman states that,"Blanche is a faded beauty who affects a greater gentility than she has ever had". (Hayman 101) She lives in her head and remembers situations the way she wanted them to happen. Stanley on the other hand lives life day to day, he is very realistic and compared to Blanche he is very primitive. Stanley is called a "different species" when described to Blanche by his wife Stella. Stella is the third character she is the navigator, the author uses her to calm the other characters when they are worried. Her focus is to please both characters by avoiding the truth. She does not tell Stanley how Belle Rive was lost nor does she seem to care. Stella calms Blanche by treating her like royalty. Since these characters are not similar and have unique roles they adapt to the changes life throws at them in different ways. Thus making the cycle of life is a very important aspect when comparing these characters. The play starts with the reference to the cycle of life. Tennessee Williams later states in, Conversations with Tennessee Williams,"I have always had a deep feeling for the mystery in life and essentially my plays have been an effort to explore the beauty and meaning in the confusion of living." (p.28) This explains the continuous references of the life cycle and the importance it plays in the script. Through out Blanches' destination she has completed the life cycle. First upon the streetcar named Desire (life on Earth); then she was transferred to Cemeteries (end of life). From there she ends up on Elysian Fields (which meant afterlife in ancient Greek) which conclude her trip. Once arriving...

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