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A Streetcar Named Desire - 1

By | November 2012
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A Streetcar Named Desire Critical Analysis Essay
Much literature is focused on our human nature on always trying to be pleased and to have the perfect life. Every human has the desire to please. Tennessee Williams illustrates this in his Novel A Streetcar Named Desire. By considering the development of the protagonist Blanche, Williams shows the idea that an individual could get processed by the dream of the perfect life. And how a human would do anything to fullfill his dream even if it means lying and self-deception. He shows that humans are trying to escape from their circumstances and are holding on their dreams and their worth imaginations.

Williams has many illustrations of attemptions to escape from circumstances in A Streetcar Named Desire. Williams develops Blanche, a woman wich is trying to find her way after her husband commited suicide. The revealing of her husbands homosexuality causes Blanche to become insecure and to begin to doubt herself. It was the most shameful event which could befall a woman. She escapes to the Flamingo a hotel in red light milieu. Blanche has many “intimacies with strangers”. She gets the illusion that sex could create love and built a relationship with other people. This shows how she tries to escape from her emotional circumstances and how she tries to boost her ego. It shows that Blanche creates a false reality and that Blanche is unable to built a lasting relationship. She is getting more and more to an unstable person and as she realizes that having sex with unknown strangers is not making her feel better, she “gets mixed up” with a student. She thinks that a relationship with a man of the same age and who is similar to her husband would work. She is trying to refill the the place her husband left with the hope, that she can forget the pain of her past. She is not able to escape her circumstances and her affair to her student escalates and she loses her job because of “sexual misconduct”. She decides to move to...

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