A Street Car Named Desire: Blanche, What Is She Really Like?

Topics: A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche DuBois, Question Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Christopher Senderos
Period. 5
Blanche, What is She Really Like?

A Street Car Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams is a play that was during the 1940’s. In this play there is a woman, her name is Blanche. Blanche has many ways of showing herself. When she first arrives in New Orleans, where her sister lives, she can be seen as a flirty woman, a deceiver, a pushy and rude woman. Blanche has many ways of showing herself being flirty at the beginning of the play. When Blanche first arrives in New Orleans and arrives to her sister’s home, she asks Stella, her sister, what her husband is like. When Blanche meets Stanley, her sister’s husband which is also her brother-in-law she starts flirting with him. When Blanche steps out of her bath she begins changing behind the curtains putting on her dress. She then asks Stanley to help her button up her dress. When he helps her she asks him about her appearance. Stanley knowing what she is trying to do is smart about it and his response is simple, just a “You look all right.” (88) Blanche also flirts with Stanley when asking if he ever considered her once to be attractive, but again Stanley is smart about it and his answer is “Your looks are okay.” This question also lets the audience know she is flirty because she then says she was fishing for a complement. (89) Blanche also flirts with Mitch, one of Stanley’s friends. When Mitch is waiting for the restroom, because it is occupied, Blanche asks for a cigarette, and Mitch takes out his silver case, where he has his cigarettes, Mitch asks her to read the inscription but she acts dumb so he can get closer to her. This shows her being flirty because she wants him closer to her. (53) Blanche is flirty again when she tells Mitch that she’s just an old maid schoolteacher, because she wants to hear him say she is not an old maid, and that is exactly what he tells her, he tells her she may teach school but she certainly is not an old maid. This shows her...
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