A Street Car Named Desire

Topics: Emotion, English-language films, Effect Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Sophie Batten

“Our relationships with others help us define who we are.”

Without others we are isolated and it can make us feel lonely; for some people this can lead to depression. When we are around other people the way we behave can change according to different types and groups of people. When others are around us it can affect how they behave. However with the help and support of others we can thrive to be our best and push those to be at their best. Thus the relationship we have with others can affect the way we are, who we are.

If a person has no friends or family they tend to become insecure and lonely. In some cases people cannot deal with the loneliness and leads them to a state of depression or madness. When Blanche loses her ‘lover’, her parents and her family home: Belle Reve she loses her security. As a result of this we see that Blanche becomes crazy, nervous and insecure. She shows symptoms of depression and insecurity, as she tends to look quite sad and always doubts herself in the real world. This forces her to create a ‘fake’ world where she gains security but comes across as deranged and upset. For Blanche she see’s herself having no problems but others perceive her as crazy. This state that she has come into has effected she behaves, who she is and how others see her.

When we are around people the way we conduct ourselves can change with different people and the opposite when others are around us they can behave differently too. If somebody finds themselves in the same situation but with two different people they may often have a different reaction each time. They can also react differently if the same situation happens twice with the same person. When Blanche lost Belle Reve she ended up ‘living’ in some grotty hotel and told others she was ‘teacher’. Coming from a high class area then loosing everything this was the best she could come too. She lost all her nerves and wasn’t acting or supporting the usual high-class self. When...
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