A Story Analysis

Topics: Future, Time, Present Pages: 3 (611 words) Published: October 9, 2014
"The Story"
Within the poem "A Story," written by Li-Young Lee, the topic of coming of age is addressed, leading to the complex revelation of a father and sons relationship. This connection between the father and son is presented to the readers through the literary techniques including point of view and structure, which effectively contribute to the overall understanding of the meaning of the poem.

Within the poem "The Story" the author utilizes point of view to depict the relationship between the father and son. "The Story" is told from a third person omnisent perspective, allowing the readers to grasp the emotions and thoughts from both the father and the son. The boys emotions are illustrated as he thinks "Please, Baba, a story (4)?" The son refers to his father affectionately as Baba, but he waits longingly for his father to begin the storytelling. The father's thoughts are so caught up in the future, that in the present , "the man rubs his chin, scratches his ear./ In a room full of books in a world/ of stories, he can recall/ not one, and soon, he thinks, the boy/ will give up on his father (5-9)." The father fears a future in which his son will give up, and will no longer need him resulting is his inability to currently tell a story. This reveals the son's love, as he wants to spend time with his father. The father's fear demonstrates his compassion as he wants nothing more than to please his son, and show his love. By using the contrasting viewpoints it gives the readers the understanding that the son and father have a strong love for one another, but struggle in communicating their affection . Another literary technique that contributes to the readers understanding of the complex relationship between the father and son is structure. The poem shifts from present to future tense, illustrating the fathers fear of what is inevitably going...
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