A Story About Love Essay

Topics: Need, Forgiveness, English-language films Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: November 20, 2010
It was a day like no other. she was there, he was there. words being spoken, ears listening intentively. Immediately they both felt something. Not sure what it was but they felt it. Afraid? not really...mostly just going along for the ride. Fun at the beginning...exciting, never bored...just because they were in the same room ment all was well....ment all was good. Funny how time passes and feelings change...his changed....but never left....he ended up understanding the importance of their love...unfortunately for her she needed more and she longed for something different...unsure of what that was she began her search. While still being sexually and emotionally involved with this original love she still searches...being as amazing as she is, it doesnt take long for someone to see how amazing she is. She possesses this hook that snags you...you dont know why but it does. She begins to develop new feelings for this new person...while keeping it a secret from her previous love she begins a relationship with this new person at the same time they are still together. In the then both boys find out what shes beeen doing....lucky for her both boys take the news as a "must forgive" situation. They tell her they love her....she says it back everytime....yet she says shes still confused on what she wants and needs out of life. Time passes and the love remains..then the big news happens....both realize shes still continuing the bullshit....but again all they do is shrug it off. Knowing that on the inside the hurt tremendously....alone they think about her...about what shes doing with the other..its hard...they both know they shouldnt have forgiven her in the beginning but again...her hook...its what snags you. It wont let go unless she is completly eliminated from your life....from any bit of memory. She makes you crazy but you love it....its a realationship you enjoy no matter the pain....all without reasoning for your feelings....time passes and again no decison....she...
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