A Step Back in Time

Topics: Horse, Draft horse, Equestrianism Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: March 13, 2013
A Step Back in Time
As dawn breaks and I step out of my car into the crisp September air in Sandpoint, Idaho I find myself thrown back in time at the sight of horse drawn wagons or buggies. As they are being pulled by what seems to look like giants, and those giants are called Draft Horses. “Welcome to the 20th Annual Draft Horse Show and Competition”, is what I read on a sign as I walk into the main gate. The Draft Horse Show is so inspiring because of the stimulating sounds, the variety of people, and the unique sights and smells. It is sure to throw you back in time to a much simpler era.

As I enter the Bonner County Fairgrounds in Sandpoint I am taken back by the stimulating sounds I hear. It’s almost magical as if cars no longer exist. I hear in the distance the echoing sound of what seems like sleigh bells. It brings back that child hood memory when I hear my children yelling, “Its santa and his reindeer!”, as it draws closer I see it is a team of six harnessed together draft horses wearing leather straps filled with bells around their bellies entering the competitors arena. As the driver of the team enters the arena with roaring cheers from the crowd to the music playing a beautiful melody he yells out to his horses “GI”, which means for them to turn right, they still perform such precise moves and they are unaffected by the sounds. As the team of horses pass by I am almost hypnotized by the melody of sounds that resemble a spring rain storm. It’s amazing to think this has been alive and around us without even knowing it.

The old-fashion western feel is definitely brought out from the variety of people who attend. To see the beauty in the competitors to vendors who embrace the era is somewhat refreshing and the simplicity of clothing was amazing. I feel as if I should be in an old western with John Wayne. Men in neatly pressed cowboy shirts and dark denim jeans, followed up with freshly cleaned cowboy boots and the finishing touch of the most...
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