A Stand Against Wikipedia

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There is a debate among many university professors and Wikipedia officials that if Wikipedia is a good source for the students to add the information in their assignments or projects. There is a constant move of professors against Wikipedia because of the certain belief that Wikipedia may not contain accurate information and thus students are banned from using the Wikipedia as a source in their work and if any student does it, he will be responsible for his own actions. The professors do not support Wikipedia to be added in course citations because they think most of the information is incorrect on it and thus mislead the students. Wikipedia officials on the other hand support the Wikipedia existence as to make their stance clear that Wikipedia is a source full of information and this depends on the students who are keen to take extensive information from the source. The debate continues but it is the view point that students always search for the information which is up to date and based on current and accurate facts. Wikipedia might contain correct information but the students are not allowed to use this link in their projects. JUDGING QUALITY ON THE WEB

All the information on the web might be extensive in nature but could not be accurate for instance, it might be the reality that some of the websites just cover up and fill the requirements and do not give a whole set of quality information. So judging the quality on the web is not always a good aspect to be considered because some websites are more prone to put up ads and make their website colorful and if a student clicks to add information to his projects, he would certainly get annoyed because of low content in the website or relatively no information is provided. This factor questions the existence of quality on the web and thus, it will more wise decision to get information from the book rather than the web. STUDENTS IN INTERNET AGE

This era is purely based on technology and...
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