A Stand Against Rh Bill

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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A Stand Against the RH Bill
* Jesse Chris Basco

Our country, the Philippines is an archipelago with 7,107 islands. When you look at the world map we seem to just occupy a small space, but it is home to over 90 million Filipinos, so yes we are an overpopulated nation. Our government thought that the excessive growth in the number of the Filipinos is the cause of our poverty. So they thought of controlling the growth of our population through the Reproductive Health Bill. But do you know that RH Bill aims to legalize the use of contraceptives in family planning and the most controversial part of it is to legalize abortion.  As a Catholic dominated nation, we Filipinos know that this law is against the Church’s teachings. The Church teaches us to respect life, and it is clear that this RH Bill is violating life, violating the will of God. It is violating the rights of those innocent children to live, their right to see what we see, to experience what we have, to know how beautiful life is. Stated in our Constitution, Article III, the Bill of Rights; that no person shall be deprived of life, of liberty, and property without the due process of law. Clearly we will violate our own laws if we permit ourselves to be defiled by the deception of the devil. Its objective, which is to end hunger and poverty indeed is good, but the ways and the means itself is immoral. It is against our laws, against the Church’s teachings and principles. It is against Christian Morality, it is against God, the sovereign Author of life. Would you accept seeing condoms distributed to your parents, to your brothers and sisters, or even to your younger siblings? There is a budget cut in education, but the government will allocate 3 billion pesos for condoms to be distributed everywhere. Sex education will be taught to Grade 5 students, and I’m afraid they will end up committing fornication out of curiosity. This bill encourages immorality in our society, then therefore it is evil. Join...
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