A Spine-Chilling Experience with a Rooster

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Story composition:

It was one of the languid Saturday afternoons during my vacation when dad animatedly broke the news that we would be visiting a farm on the fringes of the city. Though I was hesitant at first as I was making the most of the day by reclining and lolling about, I finally agreed .We left at the earliest as dad ushered us in the car and drove away. In no time we reached the farm. It was a sun drenched day and the cool caressing breeze gently stroked our faces. As we proceeded further into the farm we spotted a derelict building. The building intrigued our curiosity as the farmer told us that no one was ever spotted entering or exiting the building. Putting on a brave face we knocked on the door and it slowly creaked open. We walked up the dilapidated stairs and advanced along the long creepy corridor. There was not a stick of furniture in the pitch black corridor. On both sides of the corridor were rooms .Pitch blackness surrounded us as we heard eerie sounds coming from the rooms. Fortuitously my father that a flashlight with him. As the corridor was lit by the torch light we could see the silky cobwebs which looked frightening in the light and as we proceeded, my younger brother opened one of the door of the rooms. To our shock and horror there were bat, spiders and other spooky creatures in the room. We turned around and hurried down when a rooster began chasing us. We ran as fast as we could but the rooster managed to peck my younger brother. He started crying cacophonously and in a deafening manner. My dad ran to his rescue and comforted my brother and at the same time scared the rooster away. We then darted towards the door and hurried out of the house that was unquestionably haunted. As we reached outside we quickly entrained our car and drove out of the place which had made us feel as if our spines had become hollow and someone had filled it with particles of ice. However we were flabbergasted to have found a rooster in a...
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