A Speech on Effects of Smoking

Topics: Smoking, Lung cancer Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: February 4, 2013
How is a persuasive speech built?
This Persuasive Speech Outline shows how you can use the successful I B C structure (Introduction ... Body... Conclusion) to assist YOU in the preparation of your speech and to provide a guiding map for the AUDIENCE so they do not get lost. A. INTRODUCTION

1. Attention-Getter: Did you know smoking is bad for you and can cause a lot of danger things to your body? Have you ever realized what it can cause in the future or what it can do to you? Stop and think every time you put that nasty thing in your mouth. If you quit smoking you will live a healthy life I guarantee you! 2. Bond: Link-to Audience: Smoking every year and every day has cause thousands of people to die. It has cause diseases towards people and effected there life and caused a lot of damage throughout their life. This is why you must quit smoking for good and not even think twice because you won’t live twice. 3. "Credentials" of Speaker (Credibility): I have seen a lot my love ones die from smoking and mest up their life and future, only because they were addicted to it. It’s not only messing up there life it’s effecting other people by smoking in public or by other people and that’s called secondhand smoke. Also over thousands of love ones that didn’t smoke died from secondhand smoke. So think about what you’re doing to other people or your love ones. 4. Destination /Objective Sentence: I’m here to let you know that this is a serious issue in life or for your life. You should take care of your health it’s the best thing to do you will have an enjoyable life. Not taking care of your health will make you sick were you can’t do anything it makes you weak. EVERYONE wants to be strong and buff, not weak and bonny. 5. Explain your Map to your Destination: Speech Preview: Keep smoking and you’ll end with no job or no family anymore. You must quit smoking because stop for a minute and think about how your future is going to be if you continue to smoke time after time....
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