A Space Adventure

Topics: Apple, The Apple Tree, Star Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: July 5, 2012
I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Words could not describe the ecstasy I saw. Let me rewind:

            I was surrounded purely by star and far away planets. I could see flying comets and their beautiful tail. I hovered in space for quite some time. I felt eyes pinned on me, but I could not tell where they came from, until a brave little star approached me. It said with its high pitched voice, “Hello, young one. What brings you here?” It had no mouth, none that I could see.

“I don’t know. I don’t remember anything. Could you help me?” was my reply.

“Oh, I see. You are one of them. We were told to take you there. Please follow us.”

            I grab hold of the star. Some others formed a perfect circle in the vacuum and started spinning. The circle was then filled up with something light blue. Some white spots appeared and disappeared here and there. The star I was holding on to suddenly launched forward into the tunnel, bringing me along with it. I quickly shut my eyes for some unknown reason. It just seemed like a natural thing to do; or rather I’ve been watching too much television.

            I opened my eyes to find a dry deserted land. The ground looked like it has been in drought for years. The cracks in the red land were huge. There were so many of them. Smallest one I could see was one that possibly could be half a meter, more or less. I jumped a bit to get some stamina up, but surprisingly, I launched up higher than my own height. It didn’t look all that hard to jump over the miniature canyons, but looks can be deceiving. I leaped forward, but the gravity was too low, I almost fell into the crack.

            After a few more leaps around, I mastered jumping from land to land without the risk of falling into the cracks, but then again, I could jump out of the gaps oh so easily because of the lack of gravity. Before I knew it, I had gone so far away from where I originally stood. Still no sign of life in sight, I attempted to...
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