A Sound of Thunder vs. Being Prey

Topics: Time travel, Difference, Time Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Both stories “A Sound of Thunder and “Being Prey” display similarities and differences. In A Sound of Thunder Eckels is taken to the past through a time machine, and is soon scared by a T-Rex, causing him to step off the path killing a butterfly, resulting in him changing the future and his death. In Being Prey, Plumwood is on her first canoe ride in the forest and is attacked by a crocodile but survives making her look at life differently.

Throughout the course of the stories, both main characters explore a new place. They are excited to arrive to such an interesting place with new animals and completely different surroundings. Eckels and Plumwood are both aware of the dangers, and try to avoid them, but when they do, they just make their situation worse. When things go wrong how do Eckels and Plumwood react?

In both stories the main characters face many obstacles, but the ending turns out differently. Eckels turns out to have gotten shot for changing the future. (Henceforth a sound of thunder, representing the sound the gun made.) Surprisingly Plumwood ends up alive in rather a good state of mind, for being just attacked by a crocodile. At the end of “Being Prey” Plumwood never blames it on the crocodile, but claims that she was in its territory.

To every action, there is a reaction. In “A Sound of Thunder” Eckels is almost attacked by a dinosaur and when he tries to step closer to the time machine, he accidently steps of the path and kills a butterfly, but little does he know he changed the future. In “Being Prey” Plumwood is on an expedition in a forest and she gets attacked by a crocodile multiple times, and somehow stays alive and fins a safe place to stay until she is rescued. Plumwood is soon rescued and returned back to normal.

Overall both of these stories, “A Sound of Thunder” and “Being Prey” are very similar yet different at the same time. In A Sound of Thunder, it made me realize that every little thing we do affects everyone’s life...
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