A Sound of Thunder. Short story essay

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Imagine turning a page in a book, and having that little breeze of air causing an earthquake 1000 miles away. This refers to Ray Bradberrys " A Sound Of Thunder", and Davis Hernendez's "The Butterfly Effect". The short story and poem are trying to conclude that a small action can make a huge difference. In the '' Butterfly Effect" there is a well known quote that sais "If a butterfly flapping its wings in Bejing it can cause a hurricane off the coast off Florida".The famous quote in " A Sound Of Thunder" "Picking one leaf off agree in the past can effect the president in the future". These storys are both very much alike because, of the significance it represents of how a minor action can make a huge reproccusion to something else. Have you ever been in a time machine? probably not but, in the story " A Sound Of Thunder" there are time machines. Theres this guy named Eckels, and he is very careless what he does when he arrives in the past. He thinks that because, he payed $10000 to go back in time he can disrupt the past. A famous quote from Ray Bradberry in the story sais " Picking one leaf off a tree in the past can effect the president in the future". He is clearly right on the money on that quote. He is because, at the end of "A Sound Of Thunder" Eckels is at gunpoint when he comes out of the time machine. He is because, he disrupted the past when he was not supposed to. This all goes back to Ray Bradberrys quote. Thirdly; David Hernendeze's poem "The Butterfly Effect" most definitely relates to the short story "A Sound of Thunder". A perfect example is a quote from "The Butterfly Effect". "A butterfly flapping kits wings in Bejing can cause a hurricane of the coast of Florida. Is a perfect example referring back to the comparison of " A Sound Of Thunder." Both of those stores are very much alike because they are truing to make one moral to the story that anything you do whether its a minor or huge action may have a reprocussion on you in the future. In...
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