A Sorrowful Woman - Short Essay

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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" What are the reasons for the protagonists behavior in " A sorrowful woman?""
Being dependent can be a problem at times, or jealousy as well. In the story " A sorrowful woman" , the female protagonist who has no name, shows lack of interest in her family or seems to be stressed out. There can be three possible reasons for her actions. These reasons are jealousy, dependence, and loneliness. Her husband who loves her and his family so much, tries to do the work she doesn't do and puts up with her nonsense.

The women in this story is more than a mystery to figure out. The author doesn't give you a real reason as to why she acts the way she does. Its for the reader to figure out themselves. The women in this story is more like dependent and to herself. She doesn't pay attention to her son, and she almost has a hate relationship towards the little boy. She works when she wants too, and she has the ability to love her family. Even though she does, she keeps it all to herself. Her husband deeply loves her and he does all the work a wife should do or at least take part in. But in the end of the story she shows the love she has for her family and sort of makes up for what she has lost right before she dies. Being dependent can sometimes be a bad thing. Her relying on her husband for everything to get done and to just sit there and do nothing but complain about a new issue almost every day can mess up ones relationship. But the father still stood by her side and tried to make her the happiest female in her life.

Jealousy has its ups and downs in a story like this, but mostly downs. She shows it a lot. Maybe she thinks her husband has more love for the son than for her. She doesn't see the good in what he does. He takes the boy to school, cooks dinner, and even gets her a baby sitter that she can one day become cool with or make a friend. She has no friends so the husband hired a baby sitter to keep his wife company. She was not fond of that...
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