A Soldier's Home. Questions

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Soldier’s Home:
* Who is Hemmingway’s protagonist?
* The protagonist is an anti-hero; Hemmingway focuses on the protagonist rather than the hero like everyone else. A protagonist is the main actor in a story and initiates the plot he prevails everything. The protagonist can be a hero or an anti-hero.

* A soldier’s home (the title) could mean:
* “Soldier is home after the war”
* The home of the soldier
* The rest home for old soldiers

1) This paragraph is a background on the anti hero Krebs
He studied in a Methodist college religious
He was enlisted in the Marines and never came back

2) He returned few years after the war and decided to return after the greeting of the heroes in Oklahoma because he doesn’t think of himself as a hero.

3) Hysteria: going crazy, wild, confused. It was ridiculous seeing Krebs returning a year after the greeting. At first he didn’t want to tell any stories about the war, but later he wanted to yet no one was interested. No one wants to hear the actualities people want to hear lies. He realized if he wanted to tell stories he had to make lies and that divested him, making up heroic stories.

4) He realized that people wanted to hear lies about the war. He started making up stories about other people not him anymore. * How do lies
Lying about war makes it even more distasteful, eventually he prefers not to talk about it at all then lie about it. He prefers not to talk rather than to say lies * What “one thing” might have made Krebs feel cool and clear? Killing, he might have killed someone. Because soldiers who killed at war had stories to brag about, unlike him he suffered and hid in corners. He might’ve also run away or refuse to fight. Because when he enlists himself in the Marine because he feels pride but if you return and haven’t done anything you start feeling depressed about it 4) When he met other soldiers and talked about actual events in the war that made him feel at...
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