A Snowball Analogy

Topics: Snowball fight, Snowball, Sibling Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: February 3, 2013
A Snowball Analogy

Have we really grown up and is the world really that different? When we were little, we experienced the school bullies who ridiculed everyone for being different or not like them. There were others who for whatever reason, didn’t seem to take a liking to you, so in the winter they would throw snowballs at you. You would throw snowballs back at them, and depending upon who won, friends were sought out. If you lost, you would get more friends to overcome the odds. They in turn would get some of their friends to try to get the upper hand. Some would get their older brothers and sisters involved along with their friends. Things would then escalate, snowballs turned into slush balls because the damage incurred was different. It would further escalate into ice balls, and some kids would get creative and make snowballs and take them home to put in the freezer so they would hurt even more, thus doing more damage; and they would wait for the opportunity for a surprise attack. The barrage of ice balls would come without warning, and someone innocent would get hurt, like your little sister for instance. Now, the parents get involved once someone got hurt really bad, and the adults are now at odds with each other, neighbors become upset with each other and the simple snowball fight has become an ugly campaign of hate and discontent that has expanded from the children to the adults. So, have we grown up as a society from the child to the adult? Has things changed that much really? What happened to sitting down and peacefully talking problems and disagreements openly to resolve a situation instead of using force? From the child to the adult, from the small kids group to the neighborhood, does this differ much from the world as we know it? They say we are the smartest and most advanced level of living organisms on the planet, and yet even most animal life knows when to call it quits and walk away from each other. So I ask you, who is more...
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