A Smoking Ban Too Far

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Smoking ban, Smoking Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: September 25, 2011
A Smoking Ban Too Far
Tobacco cigarettes have been one of the most important industries through history. Native Americans started cultivating this plant since the 1st Century. In the same way, tobacco’s market has played diverse roles in America’s economy. Although many investigations had proved the bad effects of tobacco, this industry has a strong influence in America’s society. In addition, this is an unsolved issue in today’s society. The article “A Smoking Ban Too Far” by Michael B. Siegel, analyzes the ban on smoking in the New York City’s parks. The author’s main claim is that this new proposal would not be enough to protect the community against secondhand smoke. In addition, he claims that the government should implement rules for closed places where workers are exposing to secondhand smoke. In my view, the author states a clear position against smoking areas. Siegel supports the fact that the exposure to tobacco smoke cause severe diseases. Moreover, he argues that should be implemented concrete laws that could solve secondhand smoke’s issue. First, Siegel supports his main claim saying that form a public-health perspective banning smoking indoors is more important than bagging smoking outdoors. He explains that there is scientific evidence of the chronic exposure to secondhand smoke, but not enough evidence of the health effects in outside places. Siegel explains that inside exposure in restaurants, casinos, and workplaces of secondhand smoke has a longer duration; as a result, this repeated exposure cause severe effects. In sum, the author supports his main claim providing logical facts. Second, the author states that bans like New York’s could cause a second phenomenon which is smoke-filled areas near park entrances. Therefore, the author believes that the real problem is not solved because every person who wanted go to the park should cross these intersections. People tend to find different ways to continue smoking. In addition, we can see...
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