A Small Paradise

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February 27, 2012

A Small Paradise In The Caribbean

The most beautiful resort I have visited in my whole life is Carabacoa because

it is the perfect place to spend time with your family. Carabacoa is located in a

romantic small village named Samana in The Dominican Republic. When you are

there, you feel completely in peace and you can enjoy an amazing ocean view,

delicious food, and fun entertainment. At dawn, you can see the sun shinning over

the deep blue ocean and that time is magic. Also, you can hear the seegulls

singing and flying around the beach and some of them running along the beach

trying to catch small fish with surprising agility. On the other hand, you can try

different kinds of food such as Italian, French, Spanish, and Caribbean. You enjoy

from a delicious pasta with tomato, onion, basil or a juicy grilled meat with steamed

potato until octopus in coconut sauce with red wine. Everything smells and tastes

so delicious that you do not know which option is the best. At night, you can go to

the disco. There you can drink different sort of rum, vodka, whiskey, and even

aguardiente. In addition, you can go to the theater and enjoy folkloric dances of the

Caribbean as Bachata and Merengue. Those events are very fun because the

dancers move their hips with great agility, their clothes are full of many colors and

the music is fantastic. That is really amazing. So, Whether you are looking for a

resort to spend your next vacation. Do not forget to visit Carabacoa, it is the perfect

place. You will be in a paradise with a wonderful ocean view, delicious food, and

the most important thing you will not stop having fun.
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