A Six-Box Model of Organizational Diagnosis

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This well-known model , created by Marvin R. Weisbord is often used to help diagnose organizations and their issues. Its six categories cover various concerns that need to be addressed when designing an organization.

As we work together to develop HHS-U, it might be useful to organize our efforts using a model such as this one, which has been used effectively in organizations for many years. As a start, the CMS Learning Resources Group suggests some questions or issues, categorized according to the Weisbord model, that we think need to be addressed in the developmental process of this new organization, HHS-U. We see this as the beginning of a dialogue and process, and hope others will join in on the conversation.

Questions and Concerns for HHS-U Development

Direction – what are we attempting to accomplish?
Vision – what will success look like?
Does the above match to the OPDIV’s needs for training support?

Internal Structure: organized by OPDIVs, Programs/Services, or what? •Funding/Budget/Charge-back Issues
Location (virtual or consolidated into one or more locations) •Transition Process

Coordination within HHS-U and with OPDIVs
Relationship of HHS-U to OPDIVs
How are the OPDIVs learning about HHS-U?
Possible creation of a Community of Practice for developers of HHS-U

What’s in it for the OPDIVs to support this effort?
What’s in it for the staffs to support this effort?
What’s in it for the Department/PSC to support this effort?

Leadership and Management of HHS-U– who/where?
Decision-Making Processes
8 to 20 month Project Plan (milestones and contingencies) – needed ASAP

Helpful Mechanisms:
oClassrooms – availability and issues
oTechnology – availability and issues
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